Stakeholders and Problems

Real Problems in Real Estate Bookings

There is a lot of sales data with me but I am not able to make sense out of it.

I want to analyse the demand and predict the right price.

I have lost few of my customers because I have booked units for them and later got to know it was already booked for another customer.

Why there is no view on real-time status of complete inventory?

I have no view on performance and pipeline of each channel partner.

There are so many duplicate leads registered on the name of different channel partners. Don’t know whom to credit the lead to?

I just paid the token amount for a new home, but I still have no details on the booked unit. I am worried about my money.

Introducing IRIS

One platform for solving all the problems

  • The innovative real estate bookings management platform streamlines and speeds up the entire booking process for all the key stakeholders.

  • IRIS essentially shortens and enables conflict-free booking cycle, reduces the number of drop-offs, and increases average revenue per square feet.

  • Functioning as a single powerful dashboard, IRIS gives access to all stakeholders for a seamless booking experience.


Solutions for all Stakeholders

One Platform. Multiple Processes.

Key Features

Streamlines your Complete Booking Process
  • Token management system
  • Slot management system
  • EOI form process
  • One-click booking
  • One-click cancellation and swapping
  • Zero paperwork
  • Zero chance of double booking
Provides a Better Buyer Experience
  • Exclusive customer dashboard
  • 2D/3D project view
  • VR-enabled site visits
  • Co-browse apartments with sales
  • Online booking and payments
  • Payment schedule and status
  • Online KYC verification
Improves Sales Productivity
  • One-stop dashboard for complete booking
  • Intelligent notifications
  • One-click booking for customers
  • One-click cancellation and swapping
  • Real-time inventory view
  • One-click cost sheet and payment schedule generation
Manages Complete Inventory Details and Status
  • Real-time inventory view to all stakeholders
  • Inventory release strategy management
  • Zero chance of double booking
  • Holistic view on inventory availability
Enables Developers to Achieve Best Cost Based on Real-time Demand
  • Demand-based auto price adjustment
  • Demand-based price escalation algorithm
  • Multiple payment scheme management
  • Customized cost sheets
  • Simple discount and offer integration
  • Negotiation management
Ensures Smooth Functioning of all Channel Partners
  • Exclusive dashboard for channel partner
  • Complete view and report for each contact
  • Customized commision structure integration
  • Automated commision calculation and report
  • Zero duplicate contact conflicts
  • Channel partner registration process
  • Channel partner performance tracking
Generates Comprehensive Booking and Inventory Report
  • Real-time collection and sales reports
  • Track sold/unsold units
  • Sales incentive report
  • Channel partner commision report
  • Inventory demand analysis
  • Real-time prospect pipeline
  • Projection and collection report
Protects all Your Booking Data
  • Data is stored in your private server
  • You have complete control over your data
  • You can audit any events or logins

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Sales CRM
Real Estate CRM
Real Estate CRM
Real Estate CRM
Real Estate CRM

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