How And Why You Should Do Cold Calling In Real Estate

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How And Why You Should Do Cold Calling In Real Estate

A fact: cold calling is one of the toughest jobs for a salesperson.

Think about it. Your executive starts the day with a list of people that may or may not need a home. They call each and every person on the list, most of which do not take the call very pleasantly. And even after a series of blunt replies and rejections, they have to maintain politeness to ensure that they can convert a lead to meet set business targets.

It isn’t surprising that salespersons are so opposed to this sales tactic. However, no matter how testing cold calling might be, it is an effective way to sell if done the right way.

Why cold calling is important for real estate?

While SMS and emails offer convenience to a marketer, cold calling adds a human touch for the customer. Which is a huge advantage especially when the ticket price of real estate properties is high. Customers want to feel confident before making the purchase decision and talking to a person is a much more dynamic and reassuring experience than watching an ad or reading an emailer.

Though this tactic has ‘dangers’ of its own, some smart real estate cold calling strategies can help salespersons do it successfully.

Tips to do effective cold calling in real estate

  • Showcase your expertise
    No customer likes to talk to a salesperson who isn’t well-versed with the property being sold. Moreover, by knowing the product and all details, salespersons can get the confidence to talk to a customer and showcase their expertise, thereby becoming an authoritative figure the customer can rely on.

  • Use a real estate cold calling script
    Not all customers behave the same way. While all may ask the same basic questions, each one of them can ask specific questions too. A script can come in handy to answer such questions without the salesperson stuttering or making the customer wait. The script can contain all possible questions and answers that the customer may ask and some impressive talking points to guide the salesperson through these conversations.

  • Equip your salesperson with advanced technology
    Technological solutions like a real estate CRM software can make the salesperson’s life easier. For instance, Sell.Do’s CRM solution for real estate comes with in-built telephony features which helps salespersons keep track of all calls and update lead status depending on interactions.

These features let the salesperson know what they have talked about in the previous call and at which stage any lead is at, thereby enabling them to communicate the right message further. Sell.Do also offers a call recording feature which is useful for Sales Heads for reviews, and can use it to train their teams better.

Effective cold calling can make your sales team turn strangers into customers. You can follow these tips and incorporate this tactic in your current strategy to see its benefits.

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