Get Smart Call Center Solution
Exclusive in-built calling feature
Call tracking & recording
Auto call routing
IVR integrated
Extensive availability of virtual numbers
Manage all your leads in a simple and secure system
Auto-capture leads from all your sources
Auto-assign leads to a pre-sales representative
Store & update complete lead details
Track all lead interactions with pre-sales team
Store leads in secured ISO 20017:2013 certified systems
Prevent leak of lead data with encrypted lead details
Gain intelligence on your leads
Lead pipeline management
ML based automated lead scoring
ML based actionable insights
Auto lead enrichment
Auto smart lead lists
Make an impression on every engagement with your lead
Send or schedule email/SMS
Customized email templates
Powerful email builder
Track all emails
Get in-depth pre-sales report to know the top and low performers
Performance dashboard
In-depth calling reports
Agent-wise call reports
Connectivity reports
Automate your complete real estate pre-sales process
Automated SMS/email
Pre-installed real estate pre-sales automation tool
Customized workflow as per your pre-sales cycle
Escalation notifications to managers
Don't miss out on any tasks or new enquiries
Notifications on new enquiries, emails & missed calls
Get follow-up reminders
Capture leads from all possible sources
Property portal integration
Marketing campaign integration
Smart webforms
Channel partner integration
Store and send all project related documents from the system
Cost sheet
Floor plans