Simplify home loan processes, save time and efforts
Sell.Do lets you do loan-related processes through the system

Bank and loan integrations with Sell.Do

Majority of customers apply for home loans while buying a property. Taking this fact into consideration, Sell.Do comes with loan bank account integration features that make home loan-related processes convenient for your buyers as well as your sales team.

Integrated with Banking Partners for Loans
Offer ease to customers with integrated banking partners

Generate an enquiry for a loan, submit KYC documents and more straight from the platform to create an easy and seamless loan process for customers. Your salesperson will be able to generate a loan form with a click and also help your customers check their loan eligibility online!

Get CIBIL Score or Pre-Approved Loan Amounts
Generate credit scores & pre-approved loan amounts

With Sell.Do, your team can easily pull up a lead's credit score and check their pre-approved loan amount so that they can choose to focus on more quality leads that are more likely to close into sales.

Better Lead Scoring & Enrichment with Financial Data
Leverage lead financial data for lead scoring

You can automate a lead's financial data - such as their credit score and pre-approved loan amount - to add to or subtract from their lead score, giving your sales team a clearer idea of leads that are more likely to convert given their interest shown, sales interactions as well as financial background.

Integrations with Digitally Equipped Full Service Loan Agencies
Facilitate easy loans for your customers

Simplify the loan application process for your customers, right from the system. Sell.Do offers integrations with full service loan agencies that can help you with pre-approved loan amounts, loan applications and more to get your customers the loans they need from a suitable bank.