Why Sell.Do is a Better Alternative to
Salesforce CRM for Real Estate Industry?

Sell.Do: A CRM Designed
Exclusively For Real Estate

When you are ready to launch your real estate project, the first thing you need is a CRM that enables you to sell more homes. A generic salesforce CRM takes ages to set up and requires heavy customization cost before it is ready to assist your sales and marketing team.

Real Estate industry needs a better salesforce alternative to CRM. Sell.Do is an exclusive real estate CRM and a better alternative to Salesforce CRM when it comes to the real estate industry. Our expertise in understanding real estate sales processes allowed us to create a CRM that needs no or minimal customization and is easy to use.

Sell.Do CRM

Salient Feature of Sell.Do : An alternative to
Salesforce CRM for real estate

Zero Customization Cost
Save 85%
on your CRM

Zero Customization Cost
Save up to 4 Lakhs*(*approx)

Avail Free Product Support
Avail Free
Product Support

Get Dedicated Consultants
Save More than 1 Lakh*(*approx)

Free Property Portal Integration
Get a CRM that
Understands Real Estate

Exclusively Designed for
Real Estate by the Real Estate Experts

Go Live In 72 Hours
Give your Sales Team
an Easy to Use CRM

Only 3 hrs of
Specialized Training Required

Avail Marketing Automation For 1 Lakh Contacts
Go Live in
Just 3 Days

Plug-n-Sell Real Estate CRM
Save 3 Months of Setup Time

Sell.Do's Features Make It
A Better Alternative For Real Estate

Real Estate CRM Features Selldo Salesforce
Free Product Support + Marketing Consultation Right Mark Wrong Mark
Free In-built Inventory Management Right Mark Wrong Mark
In-built AI based Cloud Telephony Right Mark Wrong Mark
Integrated Sales and Marketing Dashboard - Track Lead Journey Campaign-Wise Right Mark Wrong Mark
Facebook and LinkedIn Lead-Gen Form Integration Right Mark Wrong Mark
Google Ads Integration Right Mark Wrong Mark
AI based Lead Scoring Right Mark Wrong Mark
Incentive Calculation for the Sales Team Right Mark Wrong Mark

Get The Same Features At Much Lesser Price:
Cost Effective Salesforce Alternative To Real Estate CRM

  Selldo Salesforce
License Cost(Sales User) 2,599 pm 1,750 pm
License Cost(Marketing Automation) 5,999 pm 185,000 pm
Customization 0 400,000+*
Cost of Implementation 35000
(one time cost)
(one time cost)
Support Free Extra charges
Total Cost of Ownership 134,563 748,000*
Total Implementation Time 72 Hours 90 Days
Total Savings INR 6 Lakhs+ & 2000+ Sales Hours*

Note : * Data acquired from internal research done on an existing user.

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