DDS - Dual Data Security

DDS - Dual Data Security, is the proprietary two-layered data security infrastructure at Sell.Do.
The first layer of security follows an ISO certified process that restricts data access or
infiltrations through our portal Sell.Do. The second layer extends high-standards protocol
that offer data safety through our internationally renowned server provider, Rack Space.

Our network room and business centre are located in Pune. We have built a secure & protected data management infrastructure.

ISO certified
servers and process

Sell.Do is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified. We follow the highest level of security processes and infrastructure guidelines set by ISO. Our premises are regularly audited to ensure that all required processes and systems are followed.

Access control and
management for customers

Our customers can manage the access of data for each team and team member. They can limit the data access to each team member as per their role.

Data encryption

Our customers can encrypt key data elements like mobile number and email of each lead, ensuring that there is no leak of contact details. .

Incident reporting
and handling process

Our systems are capable of reporting any data theft incident or threat. In case of an incident, we have set an action plan that safeguards the data and informs the concerned person.

Grow your business without any worries of data
security with DDS on Sell.Do

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