Our Mission

Re-define Real-Estate Sales
& Marketing through Automation Technology

Vikram Kotnis, MD & Founder, Sell.Do
Vikram Kotnis,
MD & Founder, Sell.Do

“Automation technology is creating a lucrative impact across verticals, Sell.Do does that for real estate businesses”

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Kiran Narasareddy,
CTO & Co-founder, Sell.Do

“My inclination to create a tech product company that solves business challenges for real estate is the core driver behind Sell.Do”

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Ketan Sabnis,
CEO & Co-founder, Sell.Do

“I like to call Sell.Do a ‘Sales Engine’ for real estate companies; analyzing and optimizing campaigns using real-time sales and marketing events.”

About Us

At Sell.Do, we work to solve the business challenges faced by the real estate eco-system.

Sell.Do provides the power of automation technology to the real estate industry that allows them to streamline their marketing campaign performances and sales team productivity. Made exclusively to enhance overall client relationship experience of the real estate ecosystem, Sell.Do brings marketing automation, post-sales management, and an advanced real estate CRM software on a single platform.

Our Story

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We realized that there exists a wide gap between sales & marketing functions in the real estate industry. The majority of marketing campaigns were conventional and lacked ROI tractability while sales efforts were not visible.
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By 2012, we had an idea for a sales & marketing software that would serve to bridge this gap between sales & marketing efforts, a next-generation real estate CRM software. A decade of experience working in the real estate industry meant we understood the pain points of the industry. This helped us design a CRM that... streamlined marketing efforts, lead management and automated customer engagement for superior experience and better conversions specifically in real estate. It also provided visibility to the marketers’ sales efforts and helped developers manage their sales pipeline.
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Launched Sell.do
Launched Sell.do
And hence was launched Sell.Do, backed by data intelligence and empowering developers to market smarter, sell faster. Today, we are well on our way to revolutionizing the real-estate eco-system with intelligent “Smarketing”.

Our Leadership Team

Vikram Kotnis, MD & Founder, Sell.Do
Vikram Kotnis, Managing Director
Vikram has prior technology experience with Fortune 500 companies and has worked for LendingTree as their Decision Engine Architect. After a successful stint in the US, he moved back to India and co-founded Axilon Technologies; which was lateracquired by Axis Technical Group.
Kiran Narasareddy, CTO & Co-founder, Sell.Do
Kiran Narasareddy, Co-Founder, Director
Kiran is passionate about all things tech and known for his proficiency in defining high level design & architecture. His data modelling skills as well as his acute interest in executing large scale systems has helped Amura launch Sell.Do.
Ketan Sabnis, COO & Co-founder, Sell.Do
Ketan Sabnis, CEO & Co-founder, Sell.Do
Ketan, with his expertise in data-driven marketing, lead generation and B2B software, spearheads product innovation and architecture design for Amura's technology platform Sell.Do.

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