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Enable intelligent CRM marketing automation for real estate

With a dedicated Real Estate CRM Software like Sell.Do, you can plan, execute, track, evaluate, manage, and optimize all your marketing campaigns to achieve better results. Know more about all the other intelligence marketing features of Sell.Do. Read on.

Segmentation & Cohorts

Detailed customer segmentation with Sell.Do

The more you know about your leads, the more it helps in personalising marketing communications. But it’s a challenge digging out so much information and segmenting customers manually. Thankfully, what’s a challenge for human intelligence is child’s play for artificial intelligence! Sell.Do’s advanced technology makes customer segmentation completely hassle-free, as you can segment leads based on a wide range of attributes and improve marketing efforts.

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Lead Nurturing

Successful lead nurturing with Sell.Do

They say, what goes out of sight goes out of mind. Reason why, you cannot risk going out of your prospects’ minds in today’s highly competitive market. While your rivals are trying to grab their attention, Sell.Do’s elaborate lead nurturing process not only keeps your project in their memory, but also helps in tipping their decisions in your favour. Be a pioneer in lead nurturing with Sell.do!

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Successful real estate lead nurturing with Sell.Do CRM

What is Marketing Attribution?

In marketing, attribution is the identification of a set of user actions that contribute in some manner to a desired outcome. It is the way in which marketers assess the value or ROI of the channels that connect them to potential customers. It can be also framed as, the means by which the customer came to know about your product or service.

Marketing Attribution

Thorough marketing analysis with Sell.Do

All marketing efforts are driven by insights. And insights aren’t flawless. What works on one platform doesn’t on another, what attracts some buyers doesn’t attract others and so on. Sell.Do’s multi channel attribution and full-funnel marketing attribution features show you the complete picture of your marketing efforts to improve your ROI.

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Thorough real estate marketing analysis with Sell.Do CRM

Google, Facebook & LinkedIn Integration

Easy digital marketing analysis with Real Estate CRM Sell.Do

Google has Google Analytics. Facebook has Facebook Business Manager. And LinkedIn has LinkedIn Campaign Manager. It can be very inconvenient to analyse lead generation through social media separately on each platform. Sell.Do brings the data of all leads from social media platforms on a single dashboard to reduce hassles and improve productivity.

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Easy real estate digital marketing analysis with Sell.Do CRM

Property Portal Integration

Free property portal integration with Sell.Do

Being a platform designed exclusively for Real Estate, Sell.Do comes with in-built real estate portal integrations. So, you don’t have to visit each platform separately to manage data or get an overview of performance. And, you don’t have to pay additional costs for this feature, unlike popular CRMs.

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Lead Capture & Survey Forms

In-depth lead data capturing with Sell.Do

No customer data is too much data. Because the more you know about their requirements and preferences, the better you can strategise to sell to them. Sell.Do makes it easy to track lead data in depth and gauge customer sentiment through lead survey, so you know your leads like you know your friends!

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What is Bulk Marketing?

Bulk email marketing or bulk SMS marketing is a piece of communication ( as per the medium) sent to large groups of people at once to advertise the goods or services provided by a business. There can be different types of SMSs and emails, as per the desired outcome, which can be to maintain a relationship with customers, increase the number of loyal clients or boost presence.

Bulk Marketing

Fast bulk marketing with Real Estate CRM Sell.Do

Why burden your sales team with bulk email marketing or bulk SMS marketing? It will not only flush energy out of them, but also affect their morale. Let Sell.Do make the cumbersome job easy for them, so that they can concentrate on more important tasks.

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Fast real estate bulk marketing with Sell.Do CRM


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