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Make best use of SMS for lead nurturing with Sell.Do

Automated real estate SMS marketing with Sell.Do CRM

You aren’t the only ones talking to your leads. Besides, the bombardment of advertisements of your competitors and their own searches, they are likely to forget about your brand. But not when you use Sell.Do’s mobile marketing service! It helps you stay in touch with your leads throughout the buying journey. So you are never out of their sight or their mind.

Transactional & Promotional SMS

Reach out to your leads at exactly the right time with SMS

Reaching prospects at just the right time is extremely important when the sales cycle is as long as it is in real estate. When a prospect has just completed a site visit, for example, it's a great idea to send them a quick SMS checking in on how it went. Or you could drop a quick SMS on a Friday urging them to visit the project over the weekend! Sell.Do not only allows you to send these from the system, but helps you schedule them in advance or automate them based on your workflows.

Transactional & Promotional SMS

Automated Nurturing Flows

Automatically reach out and nurture leads

It's always a good idea to nurture leads based on the stage of the buying journey they are in. For example, if you've spoken to a prospect a couple of times, you would want to try and nudge them towards a site visit and send them communication to that end. With Sell.Do, you can set up automated nurturing flows and integrate standardised SMSes into those flows for effective nurturing and minimal effort.

Automated Nurturing Flows

International SMS Support

Stay in touch with international customers via SMS

Sell.Do supports sending SMSes internationally from global numbers. Rest assured that while doing so we will ensure the highest delivery rates & lowest costs.

International SMS Support


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