FEATURES Channel Partner Management

Implement seamless collaboration with your real estate channel partners with CRM

From automated onboarding of channel partners to accurate lead attribution to transparent incentive calculation, Sell.Do is clearly the best CRM for Real Estate, as it enables hassle-free collaboration with all your channel partners. By providing access to certain features and processes, Sell.Do is the best Real Estate CRM software to build trust with channel partners who further extend your business reach.

Registration, Onboarding & Approvals

Digital Channel Partner onboarding with Sell.Do

Your authorised Channel Partner is an extension of your internal sales team. It would be counterproductive if they are not equipped with the same tools as your sales team. Which is why, Sell.Do Channel Partner Solutions lets you onboard them onto the system, so you can collaborate with them quickly, seamlessly and without any conflicts.

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Digital Real Estate Channel Partner onboarding with Sell.Do CRM

Inventory, Booking & Payments Access

Smart inventory manager for Channel Partners with Sell.Do

With Sell.Do, you can put as much power as you like in the hands of your Channel Partners. Its features like limited access to inventory booking data and incentive calculator let them take care of payments, KYC, pre-approved offers and incentive calculations all by themselves. Which offers you a dual advantage- you save time and efforts while offering increased freedom and authority to Channel Partners.

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Smart real estate inventory manager for Channel Partners in Sell.Do CRM

True Online Collaboration

True online collaboration with Real Estate CRM Sell.Do

Discover a more productive way of working with Channel Partners online with Sell.Do’s collaboration software features. Their personal dashboard allows them to see inventory and meetings-related information in real time, thereby giving them liberty to take actions by themselves, save time and offer better service to customers.

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True online real estate collaboration with Sell.Do CRM

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