Keep your real estate data secured and protected with CRM

Sell.Do’s proprietary Dual Data Security (DDS) infrastructure ensures your lead data is never leaked or misused. Measures like Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) are implemented to safeguard sensitive information. Sell.Do also helps you customize data access based on employee profiles or teams. Scroll down to know more about the advanced data security features of Sell.Do.

Roles, Profiles, Teams

Controlled data access with Sell.Do

Your data is one of your biggest assets. Which is why, Sell.Do’s role based access control features let you manage data accessibility based on teams, profiles and designations. It adds an extra layer of security and ensures your data is not in the wrong hands.

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Controlled real estate data access in Sell.Do CRM

Data Security & Compliance

Dual Data Security with Real Estate CRM Sell.Do

There’s two ways your data can be exposed. First, through leakage by employees. Second, from cyber threats. Sell.Do protects your biggest asset from both. With its proprietary Dual Data Security system, it ensures that your data is never in the places you don’t want it to be.

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Real Estate Dual Data Security in Sell.Do CRM


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