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Connect with your real estate leads first and fast with CRM integrated with Omnichannel communication

Establish a smart call centre solution for your real estate business with a dedicated Real Estate CRM like Sell.Do. Features like cloud telephony, click-to-call, and intelligent call routing ensure no call goes unattended. Evaluate and enhance the quality of sales calls through tracking and performance monitoring.

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What is Omni channel communication?

Omni channel communication is a multichannel approach to communications. This unique technique focuses on creating an integrated experience throughout each and every channel. It is the most effective strategy a business can adopt to provide a seamless sales and service experience to its customers.

What is Telephony CRM?

Telephony CRM is the integration of a software interface (like CRM) with a physical telephone to perform actions like dialling phone numbers and logging calls. Integrating your CRM and telephony system enables you to track calls, analyse data and manage call records in a much more efficient way, thereby increasing productivity.

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Better pre-sales calling with Sell.Do

It is highly challenging to convert leads simply through marketing efforts. Human intervention is a must. Sell.Do’s CRM call centre empowers you with cutting-edge infrastructure so you get better numbers at the first touchpoint of your sales cycle. And the best part, you don’t have to pay a single extra Rupee for it!

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Better real estate pre-sales calling with Sell.Do CRM


Effective email marketing with Sell.Do

Sell.Do offers advanced email marketing services, like setting up workflows and drip marketing, to help you stay on top of your customer’s mind throughout the buying journey. With the right message at the right time, you can convert leads from strangers to customers!

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Effective real estate email marketing with Sell.Do CRM

What is bulk SMS service?

Bulk SMS service is a feature that enables the dissemination of large numbers of SMS messages especially delivered to mobile phone terminals. It is used by businesses to communicate a message or promote a particular service or product to their target consumers. It is one of the most effective ways to generate and nurture leads.


Automated SMS marketing with Sell.Do

You aren’t the only ones talking to your leads. Besides, the bombardment of advertisements of your competitors and their own searches, they are likely to forget about your brand. But not when you use Sell.Do’s mobile marketing service! It helps you stay in touch with your leads throughout the buying journey. So you are never out of their sight or their mind.

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Automated real estate SMS marketing with Sell.Do CRM


Smart WhatsApp marketing with Real Estate CRM Sell.Do

Once it was email, then it was Facebook, and now, the most used communication platform is WhatsApp. So, be where your customers are with Sell.Do! Send automated messages on WhatsApp as well as important documents and impress your customers with a prompt customer service.

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What is Real Estate Omni Channel Marketing?

How does omnichannel communication benefit real estate businesses?

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