Enable hassle-free and error-free real estate post-sales management CRM

Sell.Do helps your teams to follow-up and close transactions effectively through features for cost sheet management, post-booking communication, demand letter generation, payment reminders and other such important processes. Read on to know more about what makes Sell.Do the best CRM for Real Estate.

Bookings & Customer Management

Easy bookings and customer management with Sell.Do

Salespeople put in a lot of efforts while converting leads into customers. But efforts don’t end for them there. They have to coordinate with newly acquired customers for post-sales jobs. Sell.Do makes these jobs easier for them through its features, so they can divert their energy towards new leads.

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Easy real estate bookings and customer management CRM with Sell.Do

Demand Letters

Effortless demand letter management with Sell.Do

Why utilise manpower for mechanical jobs that do not require much skill? Equip your sales team with Sell.Do. Through its automation features, it reduces tasks, like sending demand letters or follow-up communications, to mere clicks!

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Ledger, Payments & Receipts

Online and offline payments with Sell.Do

While some customers prefer the convenience of online payments, some like the familiarity of offline payments. Sell.Do’s payment gateway integration and offline payment tracking features let you manage both types of payments and offer convenience to both types of customers.

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Accept Online and offline real estate payments with Sell.Do CRM

Document Creation & Management

Quick document management with Real Estate CRM Sell.Do

Bid goodbye to the old, time-consuming, desk-crowding way of document management through files. Say hello to Sell.Do. With its advanced documents and records management system, you create, send and search your customers’ documents in record short time.

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