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Get intelligent real estate insights for making informed decisions with CRM

Sell.Do’s fully customizable analytical reports help you gain valuable insight about sales productivity, campaign performances, revenue generation and other such important business outcomes. With specific reports like sales productivity report, visual sales reports, and pipeline analysis amongst others, Sell.Do is the best CRM Software to take informed decisions about process optimization and business enhancements. Read on to know more about the analytical features of Sell.Do.

What is a CRM dashboard?

A CRM dashboard is a tool that acts as a centralised hub of information. This information presents customer relationship management data in a way that is dynamic, interactive, and system, offering access to a wealth of data-driven insights.

Sales Performance Reports

Thorough sales performance analysis with Sell.Do

Sales being the most important aspect of your business, Sell.Do lets you deep-dive into its data. At the click of a button, it enables you to see various sales performance reports, like site visit reports, calling reports, revenue reports and more. With such a piece of rich information available in real-time, you get to amplify your strategy if everything is working as expected. Or correct things before they go wrong.

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Thorough real estate sales performance analysis with Sell.Do CRM

Lead Reports

Detailed lead reports with Real Estate CRM Sell.Do

Sell.Do takes lead analysis to a whole new level. You can do a thorough pipeline analysis to understand how your leads are performing across the sales funnel, what are the reasons behind the loss of leads, and much more. Not to mention, it’s all a matter of a few clicks!

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Detailed real estate lead reports in CRM Sell.Do

Marketing Reports

Intelligent marketing analysis with Sell.Do

Sell.Do’s marketing reports give you much more than data. They give you insights. From attribution reports to bulk marketing reports, you get to see thorough as well as valuable information on all aspects of your marketing efforts. They not only help you derive maximum value per Rupee spent but also help you spend wisely.

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Intelligent real estate marketing analysis with Sell.Do CRM

Drag-Drop Report Builder

Easy report customisations with Sell.Do

Report creation and management is never a tiresome task with Sell.Do. With wonderful features like drag-and-drop report builder and custom reports on the dashboard, the time and efforts you used to put into your reports become a thing of the past!

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