FEATURES Onboarding, Customisation & Support

Fine-tune real estate CRM Sell.Do to your convenience

Sell.Do’s customisation capabilities and our support make it adapt to your business completely

Fully Configurable

Configure Sell.Do Real Estate CRM to suit your business.

Sell.Do can be configured to suit your business, for multiple products, georgraphies and according to your business worflows and processes. This allows you to make it a natural extension of your business, making it easier for your teams to use it on the daily.

Configure Sell.Do to suit your business.

30-day Onboarding

Have your account set up for maximum effectiveness

We can help you go-live in 7 days and then continue to provide onboarding support for 30 days to ensure your team is comfortable using the system We know that the true value of a platform comes in when it's set up well for a business - its usage gets affected if it's not. We set up Sell.Do for you - right from understanding your requirements to conducting sessions with your teams, setting up workflows, customisations and campaigns (even liaising with your agency) - to get you up and running on the platform in just 30 days.

Have your account set up for maximum effectiveness

Customised Sales & Call-Center Trainings

Teach your sales team to make the most of the product

At Sell.Do, we conduct customised sales & call-center trainings that show your pre-sales and sales team how best to use the product features for your business and your projects. The better they understand and use the product, the better the effect you'll see on their performance!

Teach your sales team to make the most of the product

Digital Classroom Trainings

Get digital classroom trainings with Sell.Do Real Estate CRM

Our digital classroom trainings help acquaint your team with the various aspects of digital marketing and selling, in order to better use the CRM to its fullest potential in converting leads to sales.

Get digital classroom trainings with Sell.Do

Agency Onboarding for Campaign Tracking

Onboard your agency to track marketing campaigns

Do you work with an agency for your digital marketing? You can onboard them onto the platform so they can track success metrics from one dashboard, and get visibility into the quality of leads being generated by the campaigns they are running - creating an effective communication loop between your sales team and them

Fully Customised Reports

Generate fully customised reports

You can generate completely customised reports or choose from a template that allows you to represent data that's important to you, in an effective manner. Sell.Do's reporting module helps you create visual, interactive reports with data that matters to you.

Generate fully customised reports

Domain Experts for Support

Get support from domain experts

Sell.Do's support team isn't only equipped to help you understand the platform - our experts understand the ins and outs of the real estate industry and can help you make the most of the platform, understand its metrics and use it to convert more buyers for your projects.

Get support from domain experts

Strong Support SLAs - Call, Email & Ticket Based Support

Get the support you need, in time

Sell.Do's support team can easily be reached via email, call or our effective ticketing system. You will get a reply within 30 minutes on a ticket and a call back within an hour, with resolution time between 24-48 hours for common tickets and much faster for critical issues. Plus, we're also available video chat, with screensharing and co-browsing to immediately debug issues on your system.

Get the support you need, in time

Dedicated Account Manager & Escalation Matrix

Get on-call support with an effective escalation matrix

In addition to regular support channels you can also have an account manager who will come to your office and support you, even across multiple cities. In addition, you get guaranteed time per week/month with you and your team to help you make better use of the product, along with an L1, L2 & L3 levels of escalation to ensure you're always satisfied with our levels of issue handling.


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