FEATURES Inventory Management

Stay on top of your real estate inventory through Sell.Do CRM

Gain complete visibility over existing and upcoming inventory through Sell.Do inventory management. Gain real-time insights about the inventory at a project, tower and individual unit level. With sales analysis based on 30+ attributes, Sell.Do is the best CRM Software to gauge inventory movement expected in the future.

What is automated Inventory Management?

Inventory Management is a solution that enables real estate businesses to manage multiple projects, buildings, floors and units from anywhere using a central cloud-based platform. The automation feature assists in organizing and sorting bulk inventory, along with enabling you to ensure that real estate inventory is selected based on the buyer persona and requirements.

Inventory management also offers support like using multiple currencies, working with multiple suppliers and implementing different pricing ranges.

Projects, Towers, Units

Homebuyers admire a developer they can trust. And Sell.Do helps you win their trust with its online inventory software features. By providing all inventory details at the click of a button, it helps you keep things clear and simple with your customers.

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Easier real estate inventory management with Sell.Do CRM

Cost Sheets & Payment Schedules

Easier inventory management with Sell.Do

Real Estate companies don't follow a standard pricing structure. Understanding the payment schedule is a very important part of the purchase journey. Sell.Do inventory management software makes it easy for your sales team to quickly create different cost sheets & payment schedules from pre-configured templates & with just one click they can share it with their leads.

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Easier real estate expense management with Sell.Do CRM

What is expense management software in real estate?

Manually keeping track of expenses is annoying, especially when dealing with multiple clients. Additionally, expense reporting becomes more important during tax season. Expense reporting software has made it very easy for real estate businesses and agents to manage finances.

Expense management software offers more insight into the finances that are relevant during a particular period of time and enables you to sort finances as per a various parameters like inventory, sales channels and much more.

Negotiation & Offer Management

Online negotiations with Real Estate CRM Sell.Do

Negotiations take time. Negotiations are tricky. Negotiations involve conflicts. But Sell.Do changes that for you with its advanced online negotiations and offer management system. It eliminates the complexities in the negotiations process and improves your sales cycle.

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Online real estate negotiations with Sell.Do CRM

What are the benefits of inventory analytics?

In real estate, you get to witness huge volumes of inventory related transactions and processes. With inventory analytics, you can leverage the power of data-driven decision making in which data is efficiently captured and utilized to provide insights into trends, emerging patterns and more. And when you understand trends, you can improve your business forecasting.

Reporting & Analytics

In-depth inventory analytics with Sell.Do

Having an overview of inventory sales is good. But having a deep understanding of it is even better! Sell.Do’s inventory reports offer you detailed information about how it is performing. So, you can learn from its past, take well-informed decisions in the present, and even forecast its future.

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In-depth real estate inventory analytics with Sell.Do CRM


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