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Streamline real estate business processes to ensure uninterrupted workflows in CRM software

Sell.Do is a Real Estate CRM that essentially helps you set processes, define roles, establish hierarchy and decide approvals for managing incoming leads. Every real estate organization runs on processes and Sell.Do helps streamline them to ensure productivity and accountability. Some of the features covered by Sell.Do include routing, escalation management, approval processes and lead scoring rules, making it the best Real Estate CRM Software. Read on to understand more about business process management through Sell.Do.

What is a Business Process Management Software (BPMS)?

BPM Software (BPMS) is an automation tool that helps you map out your everyday business processes to identify and eliminate bottlenecks. The software also helps in controlling your company's costs, make your everyday processes more efficient, and ensure the effectiveness of the people involved. See how Sell.do functions as an ideal CRM process management software.

Approval Process

Faster approvals with Sell.Do

Though an important part of the sales cycle, an approval process shouldn't take too much time. It can hamper the consumer experience. Sell.Do's advanced features enable approvals at the click of a button, save you time and increase consumer delight.

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Faster approvals with Sell.Do real estate CRM

Scoring Rules

Better lead scoring with Sell.Do

Not all leads are the same. Each has a different level of interest, different expectations and a different background. Sell.Do's intelligent lead scoring features consider all factors to tell you which leads will most likely convert, which need extra attention and which shouldn't be given at all.

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Better real estate lead scoring with Sell.Do CRM

Routing & Assignment Rules

Smarter lead distribution with Real Estate CRM Sell.Do

You cannot burden your best performing salespeople to entertain maximum leads. And you can never keep your team comfortable and offer a substandard experience to your leads. Wonderfully, Sell.Do’s smart routing, assignment and lead scoring features help you keep both parties satisfied.

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Smarter real estate lead distribution with Sell.Do CRM

What is Escalation Management?

Escalation management is a process within business process management that is designed to specially deal with incidents and problem management within an organization. This way, it ensures that problems get resolved in viable timeframes and issues are addressed at the right level.

Escalation Management

Prompt escalation management process with Sell.Do

Issues are inevitable in any process of any organisation. They can disturb team performance as well as sales. Sell.Do’s smart escalation management features help you take care of such instances easily and keep your processes on track. Learn more on how a process management software can streamline escalation management.

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Prompt real estate escalation management process with Sell.Do CRM

Site Visit Experience Management

Advanced customer experience management on site with Sell.Do

If you impress your prospective customers when they visit the site, you significantly increase the chances of conversion. Sell.Do’s high-tech crm process management helps you keep hassles at a minimum and satisfaction at the maximum.

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Advanced real estate customer experience management on site with Sell.Do CRM


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