FEATURES Performance Management

Monitor real estate sales performances accurately and effortlessly with CRM

Sell.Do keeps track of individual and team sales performances and provides you with the analytics needed for corrective measures or enhancements. Furthermore, the metrics also help in sales forecasts and specific leads targeting, enabling an end-to-end Real Estate Lead Management System. These are just some of the many features offered by the Real Estate CRM Software for performance management. Read on to know more.

Sales Performance Measurement

Complete sales performance tracking with Sell.Do

With Sell.Do’s sales performance measurement features, you and your sales team members can see their performances clearly. Which leaves no room for discrepancies. So, you know whom to recognise and whom to encourage to improve the overall performance of your team.

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Complete real estate sales performance tracking with Sell.Do CRM

Territory Management

Sell.Do allows you to manage & track your sales teams across all your territories. Organizations that have India-wide or even global operations, can easily set it up & ensure access control & reporting for the entire sales hierarchy

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Campaign Performance

In-depth campaign performance analysis with Real Estate CRM Sell.Do

Sell.Do helps you see the complete picture of your marketing campaigns. With multiple metrics available to track, it becomes easy for you to understand which marketing campaigns are delivering best results and should be scaled, and which ones should either be paused or stopped altogether.

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In-depth real estate campaign performance analysis with Sell.Do CRM

Field Force Tracking with GPS

GPS-enabled field force performance tracking with Sell.Do

Dishonest practices by field professionals are rampant in many organisations. Sell.Do’s helps you curb them and keep your employees self-aware with its GPS-enabled features that track daily reporting, site visit completion, journey routes and travel time among other data.

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