Intelligent real estate marketing with fully-featured marketing automation for real estate

Track all your campaigns at one place

Track online campaigns
Track offline campaigns

Manage & execute marketing campaigns

Bulk email/SMS
Powerful email builder
Short code SMS

Know more about your leads by tracking their behavior

Website tracking
Sales interaction tracking
Email tracking

Connect with your lead at the right time and make an impact

Lead nurturing
Automated event based email/SMS
Notification on lead events
Call setup on lead events

Know your marketing campaigns precisely and their impact on sales

Email reports
Individual campaign reports
Accumulated campaign reports
Integrated sales & marketing report
Sales forecasting report

Dive deeper into exclusive advanced KPIs and data points for real estate

Cost per lead
Cost per qualified lead
Cost per site visit
Cost per booking
Channel-wise campaign report
Project-wise campaign report

Connect with your other ad networks and generate reports