5 Ways To Prevent Internal Data Security Threats With Sell.Do

CRM   |   Updated on: 03 June 2024

Data security and compliance have become a major concern for business owners and leaders. As all the business data resides in the cloud, most owners aren’t sure about the security of the data and it has become a constant thing of worry.

Sell.Do’s DDS - Dual Data Security - makes it one of the few sales platforms for real estate companies with an ISO/IEC 20017:2013 certified process to ensure that every customer's data is safe and well protected. Our customers don't need to worry about their data security with Sell.Do!


Adding to the DDS at Sell.Do, business owners can strengthen data security by implementing few options to prevent internal data breaches.

Here are 5 things that you can implement to prevent internal data leaks,

  1. Encrypting the key data fields

    The most common data breach that happens in a sales software is when a salesperson joins a competitor and shares the data with the competitor.

    Sell.Do a real estate CRM has an option of encrypting key customer data like phone number, and email ID so that the sales or pre-sales representative never get to know the contact details. And yes,  users can call, email or message a customer from the system without even knowing the contact details!

  2. User Access Restriction

    Sell.Do gives you complete access control management of the system. You can choose the level of data access you want to give to each user.

    It's recommended to have strict access protocols for each user. Give only the required access depending on the role and responsibility of a user. Make sure a user doesn't have more data access than required.


    For a pre-sales or sales user, the only access should be the leads assigned to that particular user, and an individual call-center dashboard or report. A pre-sales user doesn't need to have access to additional leads and reports.

    For sales manager, the access should be of all the leads assigned to the sales reps under him, and the calling dashboard and report of the team. A sales manager should not have access to data of other team leads and reports.

    A sales head or marketing head can have access to all the leads and reports.

    With limited access to each user, you lower the risk of an internal data leak.

  3. System Access Restriction

    Only the employees who actually use the system should have an account in the system.  

    Adding to that you should have 1-2 admins only, admins have the access to the complete system.

    No one other than the sales, pre-sales, marketing representatives or the admin should have an account in the system.

    Remember, the fewer the better! A few businesses even provide the IT team with an account - unnecessary, as they will not be using the system daily and it will only increase the reach of your data to more users.

  4. Data Deletion Policy

    Whenever a sales or pre-sales team member leaves the organization, you need to deactivate his/her account instantly,  impound the company devices, and transfer all the contacts to other users.

    Once a user leaves the organization, his/her account should not be activated. A user should not have access to any information or data of the company if he/she is no more an employee.

  5. Employee Verification

    In the tech-friendly world, you need to still follow some basics. Before hiring any new employee, especially a pre-sales, sales or marketing representative get a complete background check done.

    These people will have a certain level of access in the system and will be in contact with your prospective customers or customer. You need to make sure they are the right people to reduce the risk of internal data breach.


In conclusion, Sell.Do’s advanced dual data CRM security ensures that the customer's data is always safe and protected. However, to reduce your concerns about data security you also need to implement a few features & practices from your side. If you follow all the mentioned steps then you will have a third layer of data security adding to the DDS of Sell.Do!


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