Benefits Of Having A Mobile CRM For Real Estate

CRM   |   Updated on: 23 January 2024

With several different industries moving online, the importance of mobile tools and platforms cannot be understated. For managers, mobile tools allow them to bring further efficiency to their teams, whether it is while working from home or working onsite. For employees, online platforms bring greater flexibility to their work and allow them to stay connected with their teams on the go. This increased flexibility and efficiency has led to significant demand for online business process management solutions, such as mobile CRM Software.


The Advantages of Mobile CRM

Mobile CRM Software is a relatively new addition to the immense suite of remote working solutions for enterprises. Specifically for the Real Estate sector, mobile CRM Software can have several advantages. These advantages are contributed to by the fact that real estate requires physical visits, and mobile CRM Software can ensure that agents have important information accessible to them while in the field.

  1. Immediate Access

    As mentioned, mobile CRM Software is capable of giving agents immediate access to important information that can be useful for the agent as well as the client. This includes data such as brokerage fees and similar properties available for purchase in the area.

  2. Better Customer Service

    Real Estate CRM solutions that can be operated remotely can be really useful in improving the quality of service that you offer your customers. Since information is available instantly, you do not need to keep your customer waiting.This way not only are the lag times reduced, but the time required to close deals are also lessened.

  3. Improved Bottom Line

    The cost of a Real Estate CRM Software can be high when you initially purchase it. This is generally true for most enterprise-grade software. However, when it comes to determining a long-term outlook, mobile CRM Software can be a really cost-effective solution. This is because due to the increased sales that your company is likely to witness reduced wait times, and the software will provide returns many times over. This is bound to improve your annual bottom line after a few years.

  4. Communication

    One of the the most significant advantages of Real Estate CRM is that the quality of communication within a team is significantly improved. Managers can contact their sales representatives when they are in the field and also communicate important files and documents to them. This helps in expediting the sales pipeline and reducing leakage due to delay.

  5. Improved Sales

    All the above advantages of mobile CRM Software are bound to result in improved sales. What is even better is that these improved sales will also come with improved margins since mobile CRM Software also saves operational costs.

Mobile CRM Software by Sell.Do

Sell.Do is among the most experienced names in the field of mobile CRM Software. Having managed over 12.5 million leads and sold real estate worth over 5 billion USD, Sell.Do understands the intricacies of real estate. It is through this understanding that Sell.Do offers mobile CRM solutions.

  • The Sell.Do Mobile CRM Software allows you to complete your assignments no matter where you are. Whether you are working from home or scouting leads in the field, the software contains some really powerful tools to enable you to carry out your work with efficiency and convenience.

  • The CRM Software also provides offline access to data. In case you are in a region where the internet is not yet accessible, the connection speed is low, or you're having problems with your device, there is no longer a need to fret. All you need to do is enable offline access to the data that you require and keep working on it as the internet comes back.

  • The mobile apps of the Sell.Do CRM Software are not meant simply for communication or file access. They contain all the capabilities that the full-fledged software does. Through omni channel access, you can carry out all the steps of your sales pipeline through a simple app.

  • For managers, tracking the calls made by sales representatives can often be difficult since calls can also be received by clients on their personal numbers. This CRM Software enables you to track personal phone calls and generate lead and call reports conveniently.

  • The Sell.Do Real Estate CRM Software is also capable of sending push notifications. This reduces your dependency on calls and allows you to communicate necessary information to your agents instantly through alerts. In a field like real estate, which depends heavily on fieldwork, this is a really useful feature.


Real Estate CRM Software is slowly taking over the domain, and over the coming years, we are likely to see them being used by a majority of all brokers. This is due to the many advantages they provide and the high sales and profits that they result in. If you are looking to make your real estate broking firm more future-ready, there is no better option than the brand experience of Sell.Do.

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