Here’s How To Be A ‘Super Broker’ In Real Estate

CRM   |   Updated on: 13 March 2024

Being a real estate broker or realtor can be quite a task, especially considering the number of responsibilities and roles. Some of the many challenges faced by brokers include:

  • Lead capture and management: One of the biggest challenges faced by real estate brokers is that of capturing new leads from multiple sources. Since leads come in from multiple sources including property portals and social media pages, it’s quite a task for brokers to maintain an organised database.

  • Inventory Management: Keeping a track of old and new properties can get challenging, especially when the inventory is spread across different locations. Furthermore, it's difficult for brokers to remember which property is for sale and which is for rent.

  • Team Management: Most broker firms have teams working out of offices and on-field as well. Realtors often find it difficult to keep a track of work allocation, completion and status updates. Tracking the performances of sales teams on a regular basis is another challenge.

  • Process Insights: Processes and performances can be improved only on the basis of data in the form of insights. Without proper analytical reports, it is difficult for brokers to make business decisions.


Besides these challenges, brokers have to further compete with other brokers as well. In such a demanding scenario, a real estate broker must take an innovative approach if they have to rise above others and drive maximum profits. Sell.Do’s new Real Estate Broker CRM can help them achieve these goals and become ‘Super Brokers’!

Presenting Sell.Do Broker Module

After creating the best real estate CRM for developers, Sell.Do has launched an exclusive CRM for real estate agents. The sole purpose of this new platform is to make the lives of brokers easier by empowering them with technology. The platform has been developed by studying the various challenges that real estate brokers face. Take a look at some of its key features and the way they help brokers below.

Key features of Sell.Do Broker Module

  1. Auto Lead Capturing

    We realised that capturing leads and maintaining a database was one of the main challenges for brokers. So, the auto lead capturing feature was the first solution to be added to the new CRM for real estate brokers. Armed with this feature, brokers can get leads automatically from multiple platforms like 99acres, Magic Bricks, Facebook and more.

  2. Real-time Inventory Management

    Every broker has to maintain data for multiple units in numerous projects at various locations! Recording this data in an Excel sheet or a register isn’t the best solution as the information needs to manually updated. With Sell.Do’s broker CRM, brokers get access to data in real time, which saves them time and efforts.

  3. Team Management and Sales Performance Tracking

    Sell.Do’s real estate broker CRM provides effective team management features that enable better collaboration with your teams. Everyday operations like task allocation, performance tracking, team meetings and work updates become easier with Sell.Do.

  5. Automated Notifications

    It often happens that brokers are busy attending to one client and miss out on attending another or at least cause delay. This not only affects the customer experience but can also affect the business. To avoid this, Sell.Do’s broker module sends automated notifications for every event related to a broker.

  6. Cross-platform Usability

    Real estate brokers are always on the move. They start their day at the office and then keep on moving from one property to another. Understanding this fact, Sell.Do’s real estate CRM software comes with cross-platform functionality, which allows brokers to use the platform on their desktop, mobile browser or the Sell.Do app!

  7. Upcoming Features

    Sell.Do keeps adding new features in its arsenal regularly. Some of the features in the pipeline consist of field sales accountability features that enable complete visibility of sales activities through GPS tracking, and bulk SMS and email marketing features to share newsletters and offers to databases.

These are just some of the many features of the Sell.Do Broker Module that can help you do business in a better way. You can explore the other wonderful real estate crm features. Armed with this platform, you will surely get a competitive advantage over others and become a ‘Super Broker’!

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