5 Post-Sales Strategies Real Estate Developers Should Never Ignore

Marketing   |   Updated on: 10 January 2024

A common mistake made by most Real Estate Developers, is that of ignoring the importance of a good Post-Sales Service strategy. While Real Estate Developers in the luxury segment can still enable well-managed after-sales services, developers who fall in affordable and budget categories tend to have an 'out of sight, out of mind' attitude towards their clients. Building a loyal customer-base requires after-sales service strategies, which can be realised easily by using Real Estate CRM.


Here are five strategies regarding after-sales service that Real Estate Developers can follow:

  1. Banking Integrations

    While making the purchase, homebuyers often utilize subvention schemes offered by Developers. However, transferring the remaining installments manually or through the banking portals can become cumbersome after a while. To solve this issue, Real Estate Developers can facilitate hassle-free payment of installments for their customers through banking API integrations. This way, homeowners can easily log in and make payments at the click of a button. Banking integration is an innovation that’s rapidly redefining financing in Real Estate; having it as a part of your after-sales strategy will definitely help in bettering the overall customer experience.

  2. Home Loan Processing

    In most cases, an important thing on a customer's mind while booking a property is getting a home loan sanctioned. This is the most vital part of the home buying process. Real Estate Developers can try and provide complete support and flexibility to their customers to choose the bank for home loans. Many developers insist on taking loans from a particular bank, making the process uncomfortable and distrustful to the buyers. As most housing projects get sanctioned by banks, the home loan process is relatively easy. Ensure transparent and hassle-free home loan assistance for your buyers as that will add to the brand loyalty.

  3. Regular Project Updates

    This applies to both under-construction and upcoming projects as well. Regularly sending project update emails like newsletters and SMS to your customers keeps them informed and gives them the feeling of assurance and transparency. Moreover, sending them regular updates about new projects is a good practice as well. This way, your customers can also become brand ambassadors.

  4. Design Customization Options

    Customers want their dream home to be the way they dream of it, and it is natural for them to expect minor alterations in their properties. Offer your customers minor non-structural changes and design options to ensure that these demands can be made within a stipulated period so as the overall project timeline and customer satisfaction isn’t affected.

  5. Documentation Assistance

    Every Real Estate deal involves ample amount of documentation which continues after the actual sales as well. Managing important documents like sale deeds, NOCs, booking documents, and agreement letters becomes quite overwhelming for homebuyers. Real Estate Developers can assist customers in filing and management of all such necessary documents, thereby adding a layer of trustworthiness to the buyer-builder relationship. A dedicated Real Estate CRM Software can actually come handy for this service.

  6. Property Maintenance Post-Delivery

    Ideally, developers should also maintain the project for a time mentioned in the agreement and make a proper hand-over to the new owners as a society is formed (as per law). After-sales experience matters a lot to homebuyers as prospective customers generally try to enquire with existing customers before investing.

    Customer experience is of utmost importance in Real Estate. As a developer, you can successfully enable these post-sales strategies with the help of Sell.Do CRM software for real estate. This unique module enables developers to efficiently organize their post-sales and marketing strategies with ease.


Besides Post-Sales, Sell.Do also automates your pre-sales, sales and marketing functions to transform your Real Estate Business. You can read more about Sell.Do.


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