Why Have Pre-sales Become Crucial for the Real Estate Industry

Sales   |   Updated on: 10 January 2024

Pre-sales is an emerging element of the real estate sales cycle, and it is fast becoming the most crucial element too. Pre-sales in real estate are the first touchpoint of a potential consumer with a brand, and they play a major role in achieving sales.

The real estate industry offers high-involvement products. Right from the stage of researching for properties, to the financial commitment of purchasing them, the involvement of consumers in real estate purchasing is very high. This creates a longer buying cycle, which places greater importance on the initial interaction that consumers have with a brand. As the first and foremost point of contact, pre-sales play a very important part in building a good perception for a brand. It is only with successful pre-sales interactions that the consumer can be engaged, and made interested in the business and its projects.

Role Of Pre-sales In Real Estate:

The sales cycle for any commercial activity begins with the inflow of leads, which are drawn to the business through its marketing efforts. Leads are potential consumers, and they have to be made acquainted with the brand and its products. However, every captured lead is not an ideal fit for the brand, and this segregation of leads is done by pre-sales.

  1. The main objectives of real estate pre-sales can be summed up as:

    • Connecting with leads at the earliest after they have been captured
    • Understanding the requirements of the leads
    • Pitching the scope of the business accurately
    • Ascertaining whether the lead is a potential consumer
    • Filtering the right leads for sales teams

    If these objectives are effectively achieved, it can transform and optimize the sales cycle for real estate. The biggest advantage is that leads will be connected with at the optimum time, since pre-sales are personnel dedicated to serve as the first touch-point for consumers. Secondly, it ensures that the efforts of sales teams are used on the right leads only.

The Ideal Skills For Pre-sales Teams:

With the crucial role that they play in boosting sales velocity, pre-sales teams are required to possess certain ideal skills and qualities. With these skills, the objectives of pre-sales can be achieved more efficiently and can produce better results:

  1. Etiquette for conversations:

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    As the foremost point of contact with consumers, it is essential for pre-sales to maintain proper etiquette. While interacting with leads, the manner of conversation must be polite and professional. Pre-sales represent the entire brand in the primary interactions, and hence they play a major role in shaping the consumer’s perspective. A well-spoken person will be more likely to engage the consumer and retain their interest in doing business with the brand.

  2. Understanding the consumer’s needs:

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    Pre-sale teams are required to understand the specific needs and requirements of leads. This is essential for them to determine whether the lead can indeed be a potential consumer for the brand. If there is a mismatch between the requirements of the consumer and the offerings of the brand, it is unlikely that profitable sales can be achieved through it. Thus, pre-sales have the responsibility of determining which leads are right for the brand.


    Leads must be encouraged to freely discuss their requirements, and pre-sales members must be patient and helpful in their approach.

  3. Knowledge of the brand:

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    Since pre-sales are the primary point of contact between a brand and a new consumer, they must have thorough knowledge of the scope of business. Pre-sales have the responsibility of tapping into the initial interest of the consumer. This cannot be effectively done without an understanding of what the brand stands for, and what all it can offer.

  4. A good pitch for the brand:

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    Once the lead’s requirements have been understood and it has been identified as a potential consumer, the pitch becomes extremely critical to push the consumer towards making a positive decision. In simple terms, pitching refers to the process through which:

    • The brand is represented
    • The product/service is broken down and explained
    • The consumer is convinced to make a decision in favor of the brand

    A comprehensive pitch must be prepared beforehand, which should include all the strengths of the brand. A good pitch can create high aspirational value for a brand in the minds of a consumer, which will enhance the chances of their conversion.

Automation Of Pre-sales Processes:

Due to the growing importance of pre-sales, it is essential that their work is optimized. This can be achieved through automation; wherein manual efforts are reduced and the scope for errors is eliminated. Real estate CRM software is an effective way to achieve automation of not only pre-sales processes, but for the entire sales cycle. Sell.Do- India’s only integrated real estate CRM solution, can streamline real estate marketing and sales processes, and help businesses to scale.


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