Real Estate CRM Software: The Edge You Need To Increase Property Sales

CRM   |   Updated on: 18 January 2024

Technology is the way of the future. We live in a digital age where most of the processes, whether lifestyle-related or business-related, have now been digitalised and improved through technology and artificial intelligence. In the light of the recent pandemic, the way businesses work has also drastically moved all operations to digital, remote-functioning platforms and even "clouds." The Real Estate industry, following suit closely, has demonstrated its remarkable ability to adapt to these digital trends with Real Estate CRM Software.

CRM, short for Customer Relationships Management, is the core of any business - because it is the customers that drive the bottom line. In fact, statistics say that 91% of businesses today employ CRM software to reap its benefits. The Real Estate sector can effectively leverage the tools and automation capabilities that a good Real Estate CRM software can provide in more ways than you can imagine.

A Real Estate CRM software is the master tool for any property business. It comes equipped with A to Z operations management, lead tracking, automation options, reports and analytics, marketing and sales management, and a whole lot more.


Reasons to incorporate exclusive CRM software for your online property selling operations:

  1. Integration of Financial Transaction Tools

    Online property selling, for a customer, shouldn't be just a window-shopping experience. Real Estate CRM makes it possible for your business to merge financial transaction methods and options onto your online portal. Through this consumer portal, payments can be made directly to your business for any purchases made on your properties. A good CRM offers online and offline payments, banking, loan, and EMI integration options and an exclusive portal for each consumer to keep track of his purchases.

    Having these tools integrated into your business through a CRM opens up a new avenue for consumers who wish to seal a deal without scheduling any physical meetings. This capability of a CRM is the loop-closer for the Real Estate industry.

    The best part is that this convenience is made available to the businesses through a sturdy, tested, and secure transaction channel. With no room for compromises, your businesses can now bring the true e-commerce experience in Real Estate to each consumer's own personal table

    The gamechanger in any financial transaction is the variety that your business supports. With a good Real Estate CRM, you get the option of integrating various payment methods into your business, thus making it easier to close a deal faster. By offering consumers numerous ways to make payments, you are making their decision easier as well. With CRM, you get the option to integrate:

    • E-wallet payments
    • Netbanking payments
    • Debit/Credit cards
    • EMIs
    • UPI payments, etc.

    Not only does consumer decision depend on the payment method available, but also the conversion time and receipt of payment. CRM allows you to deal with overseas payments in this manner in multiple currencies, generate invoices and bills in multiple languages, automatically calculate tax liabilities and more.

  2. Manage Contacts and Interactions

    CRM software has a very useful feature of storing contact information of consumers in a centralised database. As such, all the interactions that your customer care executives have had with any lead get stored in the system for later retrieval and study. The contact information also helps your employees get back to a consumer later with required services. All conversations happening between your business and its leads are extremely helpful in understanding market demands and trends; they may help you gain the required edge over your competitors. Through a Real Estate CRM, you get the ability to save these interactions, categorise them into customisable labels that help you improve your sales and services.

  3. Manage Leads Effectively

    Adopting a good Real Estate CRM into your business ensures that you never miss out on capturing a lead. Through CRM software, you get the tools to:

    • Focus exclusively on the lead base.
    • Classify each lead based on its response to your advertisements and marketing campaigns as - cold or warm, new or existing, returning client, satisfied or dissatisfied, and any other labels specific to your niche. Based on this information, it becomes clear where to direct your attention and efforts.
    • Track each lead as it moves through the sales funnel. Through this software, it is made possible to interact with leads at various points in a sales pipeline - whether it is a fresh lead that is seeking information or a mature lead on the verge of conversion. Customised solutions and responses corresponding to the requirement of each customer can be handled efficiently through Real Estate CRM software.
    • Avoid duplicates in capturing leads data. CRM software is a unified database that synchronises centrally and updates automatically across all devices. This ensures there is no duplicity in leads.
    • Create insightful sales forms that glean necessary data from leads that land on your online resources. After all, it is this data that will help you act on potential customers.
  4. Manage Pre-Sales Data

    Pre-sales is perhaps the most important part of capturing leads that ultimately drive sales in the future. The discovery of what a consumer wants from a business helps to pitch the right products and services to them. Targeting a lead in this manner goes a long way in gaining consumer trust and retention.

    With good Real Estate CRM software, you can streamline your pre-sales activities through tools that manage:

    • Phone numbers, whether national or international
    • Waiting calls through pre-recorded voice messages
    • Call routing mechanisms for reducing turnaround times
    • Call performance reports on a dashboard
  5. Automate Marketing

    Real Estate CRM also equips you with the powerful tool of automating the entire marketing process, right from the first lead-touch to post-sales formalities. Marketing consists of a lot many activities that are clerical in nature and can be handled by artificial intelligence, thus freeing up manpower. Automating email responses, product or service queries, paid advertisement campaigns, social media campaigns, websites, etc., can all be seamlessly handled by an exclusive CRM software.

  6. Manage Post-Sales

    The work of your staff doesn't end at establishing a sale. Using a CRM to monitor all post-sales operations helps you generate a performance report with fewer errors. In addition to performance reports, a good Real Estate CRM allows you to:

    • Monitor performance of brokers and agents through your dashboard
    • Manage tickets through the segregation system specified by you, monitor performance as your call agents resolve issues
    • Paperwork and formalities can be managed through automated checklists and exchanges between business and consumer
    • Track receivables and view account reports on the dashboard
  7. The Crux

    Real Estate CRM Software is a modern solution to the modern issue of competition. Sell.Do is software that gives you an edge over your rivals and makes it possible to realise new possibilities and avenues in your industry and expand the horizons of your business. Employ Sell.Do for:

    • End-to-end sales automation
    • Marketing automation
    • Pre and Post-sales management
    • E-commerce integration
    • Contacts and Leads operations
    • Reports and analytics for performance monitoring

Sell.Do is a well-rounded, holistic solution for all your Real Estate business needs. Imbue efficiency in your day-to-day operations in online property selling with Sell.Do.

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Sell.Do - user-circle-solid  Nimit posted over 2 years ago

Excellent blog post!

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Sell.Do - user-circle-solid  Ramchandran posted almost 3 years ago

CRM is a crucial component in online Real Estate sales

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Sell.Do - user-circle-solid  Chinmayi Paranjape posted almost 3 years ago

Can home buyers choose their apartments while purchasing a home online from a builder?

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Absolutely. Sell.Do CRM offers end-to-end booking management, allowing customers to select their choice of apartment at the click of a button. - almost 3 years ago

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