5 Proven Real Estate Marketing Strategies By Experts

Marketing   |   Updated on: 23 January 2024

Real estate developers are facing tremendous competition in the sphere of marketing. In the digital era, they need to adopt Real Estate marketing automation for better results.

This is because conventional marketing methods and mediums like newspapers, billboards and magazines advertisements, exhibitions, hoardings, and cold calling, aren’t delivering results like earlier. So, it is essential to draw and execute Real Estate marketing techniques to cater to an increasingly online customer base.


Experts suggest these 5 proven & effective Real Estate marketing strategies to boost efforts:

  1. Whatsapp Marketing

    With millions of users, a short, attractive and informative Whatsapp message can add a lot to your marketing efforts. Through WhatsApp, a business can get in direct touch with its customers, along with reaching more customers and answering queries quickly.

  2. Bulk SMS Marketing

    The best thing that bulk SMS marketing offers is that SMS service is ultra-fast. It is a proven fact that a text message does not take more than 7 seconds to reach the recipient. So, you don’t have to worry about your messages being delivered.

  3. Email Marketing

    You can create a list of prospects by gathering their email addresses through different sources. Share promo emails, newsletters, announcements of your upcoming projects, inaugurations, and more, to engage them efficiently.

    The benefits of email marketing are evident and straightforward. First off, it is the most cost-effective way of marketing to a wide range of prospects, customers and leads. Secondly, email marketing still stands as the most personalised form of communication for marketers. Thirdly, and the most important of all, email automation tools have made it extremely simple to set up entire lead nurturing processes in viable timeframes.

    You can also run nurturing email campaigns for your qualified leads as well. Depending on the lead stage in the sales funnel and the interaction you’ve had with them, you can send relevant content like offers, follow-ups and reminders.


    It is quite practical to enhance your e-mail marketing efforts using a reliable Real Estate CRM software. Such digital platforms can help you keep track of your business communications with the prospects and make the right sales decision at the right time.

  4. Instagram Promotion

    Real Estate developers can utilise Instagram as a platform to spread the word about their properties and projects with ease. Being consistent in posting on your business account is among the best Real Estate marketing techniques today for attracting your customers.

    Create impressive image posts and videos showcasing the properties on sale, and upload them on Instagram. You can also go for paid advertisements on Instagram.

  5. ​Blogging

    Blogs on your websites serve as the most effective tool to attract your target audience. These blogs should be informative and intent-driven to educate and engage your audience.

    People like to read blogs to get industry-relevant expert opinions and the latest trends. You can make the most effective use of this strategy to promote your upcoming projects and available properties.

    Make the most effective use of Real Estate CRM software to communicate with your existing and prospective clients effectively. Referrals can bring significant business if your approach is professional.

The Bottom Line:

Adopting Digital Marketing is quite essential for effective Real Estate marketing. You can follow the techniques mentioned in this article to see if they give you better results. Moreover, using a real estate CRM like Sell.Do, built exclusively for the real estate industry, can enable you to implement such techniques and transform your business altogether.

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