Running A Remote Sales Team In Real Estate

Sales   |   Updated on: 19 January 2024

The statement, “running a remote sales team in Real Estate”, is a paradox, if you think about it. Traditionally, sales teams have always functioned on-the-go. They met prospective customers, gave them site tours, coordinated with marketing teams and had meetings with higher management, which kept them away from their desks. However, the pandemic has given a whole new twist to remote working now.

How the pandemic is hampering traditional Real Estate sales and collaboration

Workplace dynamics have changed drastically owing to the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns. Processes as simple as meetings and one-on-one discussions had to be relooked at. Even now, though the Government has allowed offices to resume operations, the workforce making their way back to workplaces has been limited, and the teams are scattered across locations doesn’t help.

New challenges demand new technology for remote working

To enable smooth collaboration in times of the COVID-19 pandemic, one must look for newer strategies and technology to enable contactless business working. The following actions can help:

  1. Modifying processes

    Work protocols and reporting structures can be modified to facilitate smooth and quick functioning. For example, if a multi-level approval protocol is being followed at an organisation, approval levels can either be reduced to save time. Better yet, a Real Estate sales CRM software like Sell.Do can be deployed to speed up approvals and sharing of information.

  2. Providing tools

    Empowering salespeople with the right tools for remote collaboration can significantly impact productivity in a positive manner. While e-mails and video calling platforms can enable basic collaboration, working on multiple platforms can hamper productivity and work can take more time than necessary. A CRM can prove to be an ideal solution for Real Estate teams. With advanced features like real-time access to data, controlled data sharing, personal dashboards, automation and more on a single platform, it can enable seamless collaboration.

  3. Tracking performance

    When salespeople are working remotely, productivity issues can arise. Which is why, it is important for sales managers to track performances regularly through various datasets like sales reports, calling reports and connectivity reports. Real Estate sales CRM software can be leveraged to gain access to real-time data and to track performance effortlessly. However, managers should also keep in mind that since team members are working out of office, they cannot expect the same level of performance from when the members worked from office.

  4. Setting the right targets

    Sales in Real Estate has always involved in-person interactions. Now that personal interactions are not a priority for homebuyers, expecting the same numbers from teams isn’t feasible. Modifying targets and setting clear expectations can be the key to successful collaboration. On another note, managers can also experiment with selling properties online to revive the revenues. Through virtual tours, real-time inventory details and online booking functionalities of a CRM, managers can expect going back to pre-COVID sales figures.

Sell.Do is ideal for remote team collaboration and management

Sell.Do is the best real estate CRM for a reason. Or, many reasons!

With its advanced features like personal dashboards, lead allocation, approval management, real-time access to inventory and update, sales performance data, single-click report generation and accessibility across Desktop and mobile via an app, it is not only feasible to work remotely but also enable smooth remote collaboration to save time and effort. There is barely any other CRM in Real Estate industry that caters to the industry’s needs and improves productivity and sales the way Sell.Do does! Because Sell.Do is India’s only technological solution that enables end-to-end sales and marketing automation, remote collaboration and online sales, all on a single platform.


As experts are saying, we may not go back to the pre-COVID era any time soon. In such a situation, developers must look for innovative solutions for better remote team collaboration, which could translate into better sales.

Sell.Do is a Real Estate CRM software designed specifically for the Real Estate industry by industry veterans. Through its niche features and regular updates, it tackles real-world problems faced by Real Estate businesses and helps improve sales.

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