How Sell.Do Transformed Mantra Properties' Real Estate Operations

Sales   |   Updated on: 28 December 2023

"Sell.Do: An end-to-end solution for greater control on your real estate business."
- Mr. Jitendra Singh
- Head of Sales, Marketing & CRM, Mantra Properties

Before implementing Sell.Do, developers including Mantra Properties relied on traditional methods of selling their real estate properties. In an increasingly crowded market, the process of understanding and addressing customer needs had become complex and crucial for the success of their business.

To improve their strategic planning and make more informed decisions, they turned to Sell.Do. This End-to-end Real Estate CRM, was not only user-friendly, requiring minimal training, but also equipped with powerful features like pin-code mapping, closure probability, and extensive reporting tools.


These features allowed Mantra Properties to record and analyze their customer data in a more organized and efficient manner. They were able to understand crucial customer demographics, like location and income, which proved to be extremely useful for their marketing strategies.

One of the key improvements was in their hoarding placement. With the detailed demographic data from Sell.Do, Mantra Properties was able to position their hoardings strategically, resulting in more customer walk-ins. This use of targeted marketing not only saved them time but also reduced costs significantly.

Furthermore, Sell.Do's evaluation of revisits data and closure probabilities helped the sales team at Mantra Properties to forecast sales more accurately. They could identify patterns, focus on the clients who were more likely to close, and tailor their approach accordingly.

One of the standout features of Sell.Do was its adaptability. When Mantra Properties required custom changes to the software, these were well received and implemented, allowing Mantra Properties to make optimal use of the software in their own unique way.

Sell.Do also made it possible for the team to access a lead's history quickly, facilitating better follow-ups and improving customer service. It became easier to target existing leads for new launches, enhancing the company's sales velocity.

Overall, implementing Sell.Do not only improved Mantra Properties' operational efficiency but also resulted in more disciplined and effective work processes. The team could keep track of their performance, ensure every lead was followed up, and prevent the loss of potential business.

Today, Mantra Properties views Sell.Do as an essential tool, providing an end-to-end solution that gives them greater control over their real estate business. Their success story with Sell.Do is a testament to the power of technology in transforming the real estate industry.

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