Core Optimisation of the Sales Pipeline, To Achieve New Levels of Customer Satisfaction

Aurobindo Realty


improvement in CSAT 


optimization in operations

30% improvement

in the revisit count 

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Leveraging the power of integration, Sell.Do and Oracle came together to establish a crystal-clear sales pipeline for stakeholders to take real-time informed decisions. Furthermore, Sell.Do’s powerful WhatsApp nurturing tools helped to send the right information to the right customer at the right time.

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Challenges Faced

Homebuyer Challenges

Difficulty in tracking the top of the funnel and registering post-visit feedback

Limited visibility into pipeline data for funnel optimization

Implementing a customer interaction channel for real-time customer engagement


The solution to the Aurobindo’s challenges came in the form of utilizing powerful integration tools between Sell.Do & Oracle. The collaboration brought real-time data tracking, visibility in the sales pipeline, and effective lead nurturing.

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2-way integration to achieve real-time information exchanged between Sell.Do and Oracle.

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Implementation of WhatsApp for communication for one-on-one interaction, nurturing and transactional interactions.

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Creation of customer Dashboards and Reports for clear visibility and to make real-time informed decisions.


CSAT with WhatsApp Nurturing

Improved by 20%

Real-time visibility led to

15% optimization

in cost & operational efficiency

Stonger brand recall with

Easy Engagement

Visit count

Improved by 30%