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Embassy Group is one of India’s leading Real Estate Developers who commenced their operations in 1993 and have developed 45 million sq. ft. of Commercial, Residential, Retail, Hospitality and Industrial Warehouse spaces. They hold an extensive land bank of 1,000 acres across the country. Embassy Group, known for its luxury and ultra-luxury projects, launched Embassy Edge - Smart Homes powered by Amazon Alexa.

This was an exclusive tie-up between Amazon and Embassy Group to provide Smart Homes to the Millenials and aspirational smart home buyers. The first phase of the project consisted of 800 apartments that were launched in the township of Embassy Springs. They launched Embassy Edge with Amura's IRIS. This was the first time when a complete end-to-end online buying process was implemented in Real Estate.

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Challenges Faced By Embassy Group
Homebuyer Challenges

Lack of human resource to cater to the flow and the response that was anticipated during the launch

No real-time inventory availability with sales taking place in NRI markets, RI markets and on site

Solving Channel Partner lead conflict as they were driving major sales

Shortening the sales cycle by reducing multiple conversations with the sales team

Pushing people for site visits as the project was located 30 kms outside the city


Using IRIS, we implemented a streamlined sales and marketing workflow which empowered sales reps and channel partners to have easy access to critical resources and close bookings with minimal steps.

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The entire inventory was opened online to all the customers and Channel Partners with details like views, floor plans, cost sheet and payment schedule.

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The complete process of Awareness - Consideration - Purchase and Post Purchase was automated on a single platform. The customer could thus access information seamlessly, complete the booking online and finish post-booking formalities like KYC and document collection, all from the place of his comfort.

Sell.Do - circle background Sell.Do-Complete 3D Model And Virtual Reality

IRIS supported a complete 3D model and a virtual reality view of the project. This enabled customers to have detailed and in-depth information on the views and location of amenities, to the depth that they would get if they were actually on site. The site was located on the outskirts of the city. Due to the virtual reality view available on IRIS, customers did not feel the need to visit the site before booking. This ensured faster decisions and quicker bookings.

Sell.Do - circle background Sell.Do-Notifications And Reminders

Notifications and reminders for balance payments, and KYC and TDS document update ensured minimum manpower and thus helped in achieving quicker closures and minimum cancellations due to delay


bookings within 1 month of launch with a ground team of only 7 people


bookings in the first 3 days


Channel Partners registered in a hassle-free way without human intervention


of people first paid the blocking amount online and then visited the site


Leads were able to access information seamlessly

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