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Units sold in a single day

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VTP Realty is one of the renowned real estate developers in Pune. They’re known to deliver unmatched quality, attention to detail and transparency in their processes and operations. Their pioneering approach, rich legacy and customer-centric work-culture make them one of the most trusted companies in Pune.

VTP Realty wanted to break the routine launch method to create a new type of launch for their project HiLife. They envisioned a token system launch, wherein the prospective customers would be assigned Privilege numbers to choose their desired apartments online.

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Challenges Faced By VTP Realty
Homebuyer Challenges

Ensuring maximum sales velocity on allotment day.

Providing transparency to Channel Partners in the booking process.

Ensuring that the entire sales team uses consistent communication for payment plans, cost sheets and pricing.

Identifying a smooth Lead attribution model to minimise conflict between VTP sales and Channel Partners.


Using IRIS, we enabled a transparent and efficient workflow to close bookings, which enabled VTP Realty to maintain a high sales velocity.

Sell.Do - circle back ground image Sell.Do-Token-Based Booking Approach

For HiLife, VTP had adopted a token-based booking approach where Privilege numbers were assigned to customers who had paid the token amount. These customers were given priority of choosing their desired inventory on allotment day.

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IRIS ensured that there was no foul play in the assignment of Privilege numbers. Customers paying via online payment options received instant Privilege numbers over those paying via offline options. Thus, people were automatically driven to the digital payment option.

Sell.Do - circle back ground image Sell.Do-Offers Payment Options

IRIS enabled the creation of different cost sheets, based on offers and payment options.

Sell.Do - circle back ground image Sell.Do-Lead Attribution Model

It could also smoothly resolve any Lead conflicts as the trail of Lead attribution was stored in the platform. The Channel Partners and the sales team could thus work collaboratively to close sales.


units sold in a single day

120 Cr.

inventory moved on the day of allotment


EOIs received


customers could successfully access information


double bookings

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