FEATURES Channel Partner Management Registration, Onboarding & Approvals
Get your Channel Partners online together with you
Make your Channel Partners a part of Sell.Do

Digital Channel Partner onboarding with Sell.Do

Your authorised Channel Partner is an extension of your internal sales team. It would be counterproductive if they are not equipped with the same tools as your sales team. Which is why, Sell.Do Channel Partner Solutions lets you onboard them onto the system, so you can collaborate with them quickly, seamlessly and without any conflicts.

Complete Onboarding & Approval Flow for Channel Partners
Onboard channel partners with ease

Sell.Do helps you onboard channel partners with ease, without any human dependency. You can also configure approval flows that take the onboarding request through the required approvers in the company, with the onboarding status updated in real time.

Complete Onboarding & Approval Flow for Channel Partners
Channel Partner & Sourcing Manager Collaboration
Help your sourcing managers collaborate with channel partners

With Sell.Do, sourcing managers can collaborate with channel partners right from the system. That platform acts as the single point of communication between the two parties and also provides updates on the channel partner agreement and onboarding status in real time.

Channel Partner & Sourcing Manager Collaboration
100% Accurate Lead Attribution
Ensure 100% accurate lead attribution for channel partners

Sell.Do helps you avoid lead-related conflicts by helping protect leads through link-based tagging. This boosts confidence amongst your channel partners that their lead is secured with a clear indication on the ownership.

100% Accurate Lead Attribution
Build Complex Lead & Incentive Attribution Logic
Attribute your leads the way you've always done

Attribution can be complicated in real estate, with the many different sales channels. With Sell.Do, you can set up your full-funnel attribution workflows in the system so leads get attributed to the right source as per your practice. Our team is always around to help you get set up!