FEATURES Performance Management Field Force Tracking with GPS
Leave no room for misconduct with field force tracking
Increase accountability with Sell.Do

GPS-enabled field force performance tracking with Sell.Do

Dishonest practices by field professionals are rampant in many organisations. Sell.Do’s helps you curb them and keep your employees self-aware with its GPS-enabled features that track daily reporting, site visit completion, journey routes and travel time among other data.

GPS Journey Tracking
Verify your sales team's performance with GPS

For when you need detailed insights into your sales team's productivity, Sell.Do's mobile GPS comes in handy. You can track journeys with the GPS in the mobile app - helping you ensure your team's completing visits, verify travel reimbursement requests and more.

GPS Journey Tracking
GPS Based Check-Ins
Use GPS-based check-ins to verify team performance

Your sales team can check-in on the app, which uses GPS-based tagging to tell you that your team member is at the expected location - ideal for tracking productivity your team out and about in the field!

OTP Based Site Visit Verifications
Verify a customer's site visit with GPS-based OTPs

When a site visit is scheduled for a particular day and time, Sell.Do sends an automated OTP when the customer is at the site - this helps the site staff verify the contact details of the customer, while giving you the assurance that the site visit took place. The customer can also share the OTP with your sales team member, who will input it in the app via his account to verify that the visit was conducted by him!

OTP Based Site Visit Verifications
Daily Reporting on Field Force
Get daily reports on your field force

Track your field force's performance with daily reports! With Sell.Do, you can generate reports on places visited, travel time, journey routes, how many visits marked done with OTP & GPS, and more.

Daily Reporting on Field Force