FEATURES Process Management Routing & Assignment Rules
Keep your leads in the right hands always
Sell.Do’s smart lead assignment ensures smooth experience for leads as well as your teams

Smarter lead distribution with Sell.Do

You cannot burden your best performing salespeople to entertain maximum leads. And you can never keep your team comfortable and offer a substandard experience to your leads. Wonderfully, Sell.Do’s smart routing, assignment and lead scoring features help you keep both parties satisfied.

Route Leads to the right Sales or Team - By Project, Geo, Campaign
Ensure your leads reach exactly the right salesperson

In Sell.Do, you can customise the routing workflow - routing leads to salesperson based on the project they have shown interest in, where they are located or the campaign from which they have registered their interest. Your leads will always get the attention they need from the right salesperson, while your team's work will get streamlined right from the get go.

Ensure consistent experience with Sticky Routing
Create a consistent lead experience with sticky routing

At times, you may have leads that exit the system and then re-engage later, or leads that get in touch from multiple touchpoints. Sell.Do's sticky routing and OTP-based contact verification ensures that only one version of each lead is created and always routed to the same salesperson, creating a continuous and consistent brand experience for the lead.

Routing based on Work Hours
Route calls based on your business work hours and shifts

You may have a sales team that works in shifts, in which case, you'd want to ensure that the call routing follows the same timing. Sell.Do lets you set up your call routing workflow in sync with your team's business hours, ensuring that no lead gets missed and no team member gets pulled into work out of their office hours.

Routing based on Work Hours
Call Hopping & Intelligent Round Robin
Ensure every lead call gets answered

When setting up call routing workflows, you can opt for call hopping - where the lead calls get connected to salespersons based on their availability - or intelligent round robin, where lead calls are routed in a turn-by-turn fashion to salespersons based on prior data such as their current workload, work schedules, past experience, etc. This ensures that every lead call gets answered while ironing out your team's schedule and workload as well.

Call Hopping & Intelligent Round Robin