Get leads scored easily, then score them easily
Sell.Do's intelligent lead scoring system gives you quality leads and improves sales

Better lead scoring with Sell.Do

Not all leads are the same. Each has a different level of interest, different expectations and a different background. Sell.Do's intelligent lead scoring features consider all factors to tell you which leads will most likely convert, which need extra attention and which shouldn't be given at all.

Lead Scoring built for Real Estate
Lead scoring that's designed specifically for real estate

Lead scoring helps you understand a lead's progress in the buying journey and how interested they really are. Sell.Do's lead scoring is made even more accurate as it's designed for the real estate industry - scores are assigned as the buyer moves from considering & evaluating to visit the site, beginning negotiations and so on.

Lead Scoring built for Real Estate
Scoring based on Sales Events
Understanding the lead journey with lead scoring

As a lead interacts with your salesperson and different touchpoints are created along the sales journey, the lead gets assigned a score - as the touchpoints grow and the lead gets hotter the higher his/her score grows (or vice versa), thus giving you an accurate insight into the sales journey and whether the lead is likely to close.

Scoring based on Sales Events
Scoring based on Financial Data - CIBIL, Credit Score
Understanding the lead's buying potential with lead scoring

Simply making progress through the sales funnel does not a qualified lead make. If a hot lead doesn't have a good credit score or CIBIL score, he/she is unlikely to qualify for a loan and your sale may fall through, with all your effort and time in vain. Leads thus also get assigned a lead score based on their financial data, allowing you to more accurately predict the likelihood of a closure and final sale.

Scoring on Website Integrations
Use website integrations towards lead scoring

With real estate's longer sales journey, customers re-engage multiple times on your website via digital campaigns and emails. Every time they visit your website or browse any collateral, we can help you build a higher lead score for them on Sell.Do, which will help you focus on important & engaged leads.

Scoring on Website Integrations
Intelligent Engagement Score
Leverage lead engagement towards lead scoring

Sell.Do can combine over 200 data points to build a strong & robust lead score. Right from calls, email and SMS analytics, to website engagement, sales inputs, sentiment analysis combined with pipeline and e-commerce journey - everything can be tied into creating a customised process to help you build a super intelligent lead score. All your team has to do is then focus on priority leads detected & scored by Sell.Do!