FEATURES Omni-Channel Communication Call - India & International
Get state-of-the-art calling infrastructure for pre-sales. For free.
Sell.Do comes with built-in cloud telephony services that improve performance

Better pre-sales calling with Sell.Do

It is highly challenging to convert leads simply through marketing efforts. Human intervention is a must. Sell.Do’s CRM call centre empowers you with cutting-edge infrastructure so you get better numbers at the first touchpoint of your sales cycle. And the best part, you don’t have to pay a single extra Rupee for it!

Support for India Landing & Mobile Numbers
Get support for every type of phone number

We support both landline and mobile numbers, though mobile numbers are always preferred as the calling to pick-up ratio is better.

Vanity Numbers
Use virtual numbers to track leads across mediums

An extensive base of virtual numbers makes it easy for you to automatically track leads from several campaigns and mediums at a time.

On-premise & Cloud Telephony Support

With cloud telephony, you can rest assured that your team is working well remotely - sales persons get all the call centre features on their mobiles, while you get all the recordings and data. Don't worry if you have already invested in an on-premise set up; we have you covered. We are the only CRM which supports both on-premise & cloud telephony!

On-premise & Cloud Telephony Support
Built-in Voicemail, IVR & Greetings
Streamline incoming calls

Built-in voicemail, IVR and greetings create a smooth lead experience while reducing turnaround time and improving productivity for your team.

Built-in Voicemail, IVR & Greetings
Intelligent Call Routing
Automated lead distribution

Intelligent call routing allows you to automatically distribute incoming leads, either in a round robin pattern or according to pre-defined rules. You can choose to distribute leads to sales persons based on their location, product, expertise, hierarchy or department.

Call Barging & Conference Calls
Manage the quality of your sales calls

Sales managers can "barge in" on on-going sales calls for quality control and can also be invited by the salesperson into a conference call to share their expertise.

Real Time Monitoring & Dashboard
Keep a check on performance & productivity

Your real time dashboard provides insights into daily calling performance, lead progress and more. You can also set up 'expected performance vs achieved performance' benchmarks to help your pre-sales executives self-monitor and stay on top of their game.

Real Time Monitoring & Dashboard
Click to Call
Save on time with click-to-call

The easy click-to-call feature allows your sales team to place calls from within the system, saving them valuable time and eliminating the likelihood of procrastination.

Click to Call
Full Call-Center Software
Reach out to your leads anywhere

Reach out to your leads no matter where they are, and track every interaction with Sell.Do's complete call centre solution. Cloud telephony, tracking & recording, intelligent call routing, integrated IVR, number management & lead bucketing help reduce overall turnaround time and improve productivity.

Full Call-Center Software