FEATURES Security Roles, Profiles, Teams
Control who can see what
Safeguard your with role based security access

Controlled data access in Sell.Do

Your data is one of your biggest assets. Which is why, Sell.Do’s role based access control features let you manage data accessibility based on teams, profiles and designations. It adds an extra layer of security and ensures your data is not in the wrong hands.

Custom Roles and Profiles with Restricted Access
Customise access to data for greater security

We know that you may not want to provide everyone with access to all levels of data. Sell.Do allows you to create custom roles and profiles for which you can restrict access to different information and thus create a layer of security.

Custom Roles and Profiles with Restricted Access
Restricted Access to Leads
Protect lead information

In Sell.Do, you can restrict access to lead information based on role, profile, team or hierarchy to increase the security level and safeguard your biggest asset.

Restricted Access to Leads
Camouflaged Lead Communication
Prevent data loss with camouflaged lead communication

Sell.Do camouflages the contact details of leads so they aren't completely visible to users. With calling & communication taking place directly from the platform, the cloud telephony system independently patches through a call to the lead and to your phone, and emails & SMSes can be sent at the click of a button! This helps protect your data and prevent any salesperson from taking their lead list with them.

Camouflaged Lead Communication
Complete Control on Data Exports
Control your team's exporting permissions

Your data is your biggest asset, so secure exports have been made customisable with Sell.Do. You can control who is allowed to generate exports at all, and also whether they have access to exporting contact detail fields.