Here's What's New In Sell.Do

Call Barging

April, 2016

Ensure quality of your calls & reduce customer churn

This feature is primarily used in the Call Centre industry. But considering the needs of the Real Estate Industry today, this feature can prove to be a value add towards managing customer service too.

Call barging enables managers to drop in on live calls to speak with both the customer and the executive. The principal advantage of call barging is that it enables managers to take a more hands-on role in quality control and effective training of executives.

Consider a real scenario where -
A sales executive requires some help for a hot lead. The manager can immediately intervene in the call & give any specific details to the hot prospect in the same call. This resolves the biggest issue of a sales executive replying to the prospect with a ' I'll get back on this to you with more details ' type conversations.

As part of the process, a Sales Manager can monitor calls for any sales executive & immediately intervene in a live call to take matters under control. It helps in steering the conversation on the right track helping reduce the overall lead churn rate. This will help in 1st Call Resolution & effectively reduce the calls escalated / assigned to the Sales Supervisor.

Currently Sell.Do offers this feature on its desktop version & can only be used by a Manager Level User (not admin).