Here's What's New In Sell.Do

Get insights on re-engaged leads

May, 2016

How do you know when someone clicks on your Facebook ad, fills out the enquiry form and then re-engages via another medium - perhaps Google? Re-engaged leads command more attention and a prompter response - Sell.Do helps you act smarter and faster to close those leads.

Here’s how it works:

To help Sales users understand which leads have reconnected with the product/brand, Sell.Do enables you to view the list of re-engaged customers on the sales dashboard. You can also export the same list to use it for analysis or further nurturing.

Why Export Re-engaged Leads?

This new feature offers multiple advantages:


  • It helps you gather better insights into the number of re-engaged leads - telling you exactly who is re-engaging and where they are re-engaging from.
  • The insight can be used to devise new strategies to engage with the segmented leads
  • It will help you reconnect with these leads, who have a higher likelihood of converting