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Get ROI in real time

May, 2016

Find out which campaign/source/medium is giving you the lowest Cost Per Lead and which one needs some serious attention. Sell.Do’s ROI Calculator gives you all the data in real time, so you can shuttle it back to your marketing team and get better results.

Here’s how it works:

Campaign spends analysis is divided into two parts: one, to input data according to how much money was spent on each source and the other is to analyse what was the cost incurred per lead and other analyses as showcased in the figure below.

Why Campaign ROI?

The new feature offers many advantages, such as:


  • Marketing teams can analyse data based on how much they have spent and what is the return on investment that they are getting - in real time
  • Detailed insights about what works best in a campaign
  • Helps in optimizing the current campaign and strategizing better for future campaigns and marketing plans
  • Sell.Do is also bringing in integration with Google Adwords & Facebook, so your spends are captured in real time, instead of you having to manually enter them each time.
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