Here's What's New In Sell.Do

Here’s a look at the new features added to Sell.Do in November

December, 2018

Lead stage modification for bulk leads:

We at Sell.Do always strive to help our users in streamlining their efforts so that they can focus on their core competencies. Now admin can modify leads stage in bulk in one go. For example, If there is a large number of leads which need to be changed to ‘Prospect’, then just create an excel file with the lead ID, stage name, status of the given stage and reason for change columns. Save this file in .xls format and then upload it to the system. So instead of changing the stage of individual lead from their profiles, you can change the stage for leads in bulk in one go. This will result in saving time and effort.

Integration with

We are glad to announce that joins our extensive list of out-of-the-box property portal integrations including 99acres, Makaan, Magicbricks, Commonfloor and many more. This is our 11th tie-up with a property portal. You can integrate your account in Sell.Do and capture all leads from automatically.

Schedule follow-ups/meetings/site visits as per customer's time zone

We at Sell.Do believe in helping our customers to manage their leads in the most efficient way. Scheduling follow-up calls/site visits/meetings for international customers can be a tedious task as the user has to check the difference between his/her time zone and the prospect’s time zone. To avoid this, now you can set up a follow-up/meeting/site visit with a prospect based on his current time zone as the user can configure his time zone from the lead’s personal profile and schedule accordingly. Additionally, the system will also display the scheduled time for the meeting as per the user’s time zone. This will result in avoiding confusion and conducting meetings/follow-ups/site visits will be a seamless process.