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Incentive Module

November, 2016


As the dynamics of real estate industry are changing from past few years, it has become apparent that the overall structure and the working of a company needs to cope up with the challenging times. It has become important that sales and marketing needs to be performance driven where leads pipeline should determine an individuals or teams output or contribution towards the success of a project, keeping the same logic in mind management also requires a measuring tool where all the data is not only stored but an in depth analysis can be done to understand the performance of each individual but its team or department. Hence we are introducing our new add-on module “INCENTIVE”

Incentive Module:

Incentive module was primarily built for customers to calculate the performance of their team and to monetize it. It was built to make the sales process more professional and competitive. 


  • Design your incentive plan based on projects.
  • Include non billable user in your incentive plan(Marketing,project managers,HR etc)
  • Select multiple activities under single incentive plan(Site visit scheduled/conducted,booking etc)
  • Decide a fixed amount of incentive on each activity and also configure a minimum limit for it.
  • Create a payout pattern based on your Hierarchy.
  • Real time reporting enables decision makers to keep a track on incentive payout.
  • Users can view their own incentive report.

All you need is an incentive module in your hand and this module will help to calculate the incentive based on the performance of your team. 

How it works?

Create an incentive plan based on your project and department/role.

Sell.Do-PreSales Plan

Now you just have select the projects you want apply this incentive plan. Over here projects can be multiple.

Sell.Do-Project Dashboard

Once you have selected the projects, just select an event for the incentive calculation. Over her you have to decide a fixed amount and minimum event for the limit.

Sell.Do-Types Of Events


Once you decide your payout pattern the module will automatically calculate it according to your organisational hierarchy.

Sell.Do-Content Payout Pattern

Once you save the incentive plan. It will calculate individual users incentive based on the plan.