Here's What's New In Sell.Do

New Features Added in Sell.Do - August 2018

September, 2018

At Sell.Do, we are committed to developing intelligent and secured sales & marketing solutions for you so that you close more deals and earn more profits. It has always been our endeavour to introduce features that are path-breaking and result-oriented. Living up to our commitment, we have introduced quite a few interesting new features.

Here is the list of new additions made in August 2018 


Sell.Do Sales


Get a cost sheet for each inventory unit and enjoy seamless negotiation

Now, your sales team can get an auto-generated cost sheet (including GST) for each inventory unit. You won’t have to add GST manually anymore and this sheet can be sent across to your clients for seamless negotiation. In addition, this sheet will make the negotiations faster and more efficient.

Sell.Do Pre-Sales


Specified labels for each pre-sales agent break

It is important for a manager to know the types of breaks being taken by their pre-sales team. Now, whenever an agent marks himself/herself unavailable, he/she will need to select the reason for the break. The manager can keep a tab on the number of breaks taken and the reasons for the same.  

Stores offline call recording

Analysing sales calls has been a very valuable feature of Sell.Do. It plays a crucial role in evaluating the performance of your sales team and finding loopholes in the process. However, you would miss out on most of the calls that were made from outside the system. Sell.Do now comes with a feature that allows you to store and listen to calls that were made by your sales representative out of the system. This provides a very robust validation on client calls.  

Unsubscribe leads who don't want to be disturbed on call

Your pre-sales team can now mark the leads who don’t want to be disturbed on call. Once marked, no one from the pre-sales or sales team will be able to call that particular lead. It creates a better lead experience and improves pre-sales efficiency by focusing on more useful leads.

Integration with

We are glad to announce that joins our extensive list of out-of-the-box property portal integrations including 99acres, Makaan, Magicbricks, Commonfloor and many more. This is our 10th tie-up with a property portal. You can integrate your account in Sell.Do and capture all leads from automatically.

Sell.Do Post-Sales


Automated GST calculation

Sell.Do Post-Sales automatically creates a demand letter for each payment as per the payment schedule. Just like the cost sheet, even the demand letter will have GST included automatically in it.

The post-sales team can search customers with lead Id

Now your post-sales team can easily look for customers. In addition to the customer name and the booking id, they can also use the lead id and search for a customer.



Get lifetime pre-sales and sales report on Sell.Do

Now, you can check your pre-sales and sales report for the entire period on Sell.Do. You can know key data points like the number of closures, the number of site visits and more, from the time you have registered on Sell.Do till date. This report can be viewed for each project, team, lead source, and individual sales representative.