Here's What's New In Sell.Do

New Features Added in Sell.Do - September 2018

October, 2018

Here are the new features added in September 2018

Offline SMS tracking for better lead tracking

Most of the sales team’s messages to their respective leads are sent offline through their mobile devices. These messages are not tracked and not listed in individual lead event records. But, now Sell.Do will track the offline SMSes and will add them to the respective lead tracking section.

If a sales team member has a Sell.Do mobile app, any SMS sent or received out of the system from the mobile device to a lead assigned in the system will be automatically read by the system and will be added to the respective lead page.

Shorten auto dashboard refresh time

Sell.Do reports have always helped you to stay abreast of your campaigns and team’s real-time performance. Sell.Do’s dashboard will now be refreshed every 30 minutes instead of 1 hour so you stay updated to the very minute.

Self-Serve bulk lead import on Sell.Do

To enhance customer experience and save a lot of time, Sell.Do has built a new self-serve bulk lead import process. You will no longer need to depend on Sell.Do support to import bulk leads. Instead, all you need to do is just fill up a sheet and upload it in the system.

OTP verification on all web forms

OTP verification on your default web form has helped you validate the phone numbers of the queries received. The function has helped save a lot of time spent by the pre-sales team as the contact numbers were pre-verified. Now, we have expanded the feature for all your web forms. You will have an option to enable OTP verification for any web form used in any platform.

Enhanced import lead report

Whenever you upload bulk lead, you used to receive a report on email stating the number of leads uploaded and the number of duplicate leads.

We have enhanced this report and added additional data points in the report like lead id, and who the lead is assigned to. You will know the lead IDs of duplicate leads and new leads, and whom each lead is assigned to.

Flexible lead reassign method

Sell.Do is flexible and allows a sales/pre-sales individual to reassign a lead to another sales/pre-sales individual. You were able to perform this with the help of lead ID or the sales ID. Now, you can reassign a lead even using either the email address or the contact number of the lead and the sales/pre-sales individual.