Here's What's New In Sell.Do

Virtual Assistant

April, 2016

Now set a single IVR for your Brand Campaign in Sell.Do.

Marketers can now tag a single IVR for their brand campaigns using just one Virtual Number. Customers can call the project of interest by simply typing the digit 1,2,3.. each of which is tagged to the respective project.

This new feature helps you in:

  • Using just 1 Tracking No for a Brand campaign against multiple no for every project
  • Routing to project-wise teams is also possible using a single IVR
  • IVR can also be set for customers looking for project as per location, budget, possession.. Etc as per a marketers need.
    (Ex - Dial 1 for projects in Pune West, 2 for Pune East, and so on)
  • Different IVRs can be set up for each of the virtual number enabling you to tag campaigns with its associated IVR
  • Using this feature, you can scale your marketing campaigns with a limited team where in the efforts for Pre Sales team is minimised. The Pre Sales teams get leads which are pre-qualified (leads with interest in selected project or location, leads with interest in precise typology / budget.. etc). This minimises the effort / time put in asking the basic qualifier questions by a pre sales executive.

Below is the IVR tree to help understand the user call flow to the right project or right sales team.


Virtual assistant  image 1