5 Ways To Sell Smarter With Sell.Do

CRM   |   22 June 2016

5 Ways To Sell Smarter With Sell.Do

With brands progressively becoming conscious about providing their customers with better services, automation and customer engagement platforms  have become an integral part of almost all business models across the global market.

The end-customer has become an empowered lot. Research shows that 2 out of 3 people tend to study and analyze every single aspect, before taking the final call. Especially, in real estate, where the ticket-size is huge and more often than not, amounts to an investment of a lifetime.

Primarily, the goal of any business is to better understand, communicate and service their leads and customers. This requires a good lead tracking and a customer journey mapping solution. . Sell.Do, as a unique Marketing & Sales Automation platform, takes “lead tracking” to the next level- working through an experiential approach comprising both Sales & Marketing.

Sell.Do has benefitted over 100 leading Real Estate firms, spread across geographies, by enhancing their customer management processes.

Let’s take a look at how Sell.Do is useful across the gamut of your organization.

  • For your Customer:

    When a customer clicks on an Online Ad, fills an Online Inquiry Form, calls on your billboard number or replies to your Marketing Email or SMS, Sell.Do captures the information and assigns leads to a Salespersons, in a dynamic Round-robin format. The customer immediately receives automated SMS & Emails at every stage of enquiry, ensuring a better connect. The turnaround time is effectively short and helps in establishing a quicker preference in the mind of a customer.

  • For the Salesperson:

    At Sell.Do real estate CRM, Lead assignment across all platforms is integrated and automated. Once leads are assigned, the Salesperson needs to follow-up, schedule site-visits and update the status of the Inquiry. Sell.Do sends SMS and Emails as reminders, regarding the status of the leads, thus adding value to the Sales pipeline

  • For the Manager:

    The Lead’s profile page becomes an important tool to analyse its behaviour and remedy the odds, if any. Managers can make use of this page while making crucial business decisions during the campaign. The performance of the Sales team can also be analyzed in a transparent and quantifiable manner, leading to better outputs and higher sales figures.

  • For the Marketer:

    The age old Marketing cliche, “We generate leads but the Sales Team doesn’t follow-up on them” becomes irrelevant with Sell.Do’s next-level automation. Using Sell.Do, campaigns can be created, managed and optimized, on the fly. Sell.Do also helps ascertain precise campaign and source-level insights leading to significant improvement in ROMI.

  • For the Management:

    Sell.Do gives you access to over 20 reports, each covering important metrics for the company. Customized reports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis are sent directly to the mailbox and one can access the micros of every campaign without logging in to the account. This is an additional advantage to the entrepreneurs who frequently travel and find it difficult to monitor the details on the go.

To sum it up

    Marketing Automation is no longer a “good-to-have”. It is has turned into a “must-have” tool to stay at par with the dynamic marketing practices being adopted by top marketers. The buying habits of the customers are evolving and one needs to be proactive in order to address that. Sell.Do empowers businesses to evolve their business practices and enhance customer relationships at the micro-level.

Find out how Sell.Do can help your business.


Credits: Ankeet Shah

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