How To Manage Your Leads Using Sell.Do?

CRM   |   Updated on: 10 January 2024

So you’ve decided to go live with a new campaign. Is it an online or offline one? Or is it an integrated campaign to ensure a 360° push to reach your potential customers?

The real estate market is one that is fairly complex. Every lead is of extremely high value and the opportunity cost is touching the roof. There’s no doubt that India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world but the real estate sector has certainly slowed down.


Amura’s flagship sales & marketing automation platform, Sell.Do, is designed to help you ensure that all bases are covered when you’re spending big money, regardless of the medium. Our domain experts will help you build an effective mechanism to manage your campaigns and ascertain returns on your marketing investments.

Sell.Do will help you set up your campaigns and monitor its responses in a simple and seamless way, with next generation tracking mechanisms, to ensure that the basics are in place and the returns on your spends are better than before.

Would you like us to audit your current processes? Drop a line and we’ll help you out.

Credits: Ankeet Shah

  1. Use a Sell.Do Virtual Number

    Gone are the days when you had to print the direct numbers of your executives. All you need to do is use our virtual number in your advert. We can route all calls in a systematic round-robin format, to ensure that all the executives have equal leads to work with. Each call gets recorded, whether incoming or outgoing. This in return, results in a transparent and micro-level analysis of what is working and what needs improvement.


    It doesn’t matter if you’re running a campaign anywhere from New York to Auckland. A Sell.Do virtual number ensures that you never miss a call.

  2. Integrate your Landing Page with Sell.Do

    When a customer goes to your project page, make sure that the enquiry form he fills is a Sell.Do form. This will cut the whole cycle of leads going to a marketing/sales coordinator, a person who checks the integrity of the data and then passes it on to the salesperson. With real estate CRM Sell.Do, this process is automated. As soon as the customer clicks “Enquire Now”, the lead gets allocated to the right salesperson automatically, and in round-robin format. This ensures a quicker turnaround, leading to higher qualification ratios.

  3. Install the Sell.Do Site Visit App

    Some of your potential buyers directly walk into your project sites. They’re greeted by the physical one-pager enquiry form to fill in - by the end of the day, the sales execs digitize this information, sometimes with a few blunders here and there. With the Sell.Do Site Visit App, you can leverage your Android tab and turn it into your site visit assistant, so that visitors fill their information directly into your Sell.Do database. As an added benefit for managers, the App also syncs with your Sell.Do Cloud account in real time, ensuring that you can have complete oversight and seamlessly manage your workforce, even while holidaying in Hawaii.

  4. Set up Workflows in Sell.Do

    Now we all know that real estate sales is all about timing. With Sell.Do, you can setup your own escalation matrix. So the next time a Sales Exec takes more than 2 hours to respond to an enquiry, an alert will land in his Manager’s inbox. If he fails to respond, it moves up the hierarchy. Similarly, if a customer has enquired 15 days ago and has still not visited the site, an alert will be shot across. This feature will significantly reduce the roadblocks of a customer’s journey from ‘enquiry’ to ‘booking’.

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Sell.Do - user-circle-solid  Abeer posted over 3 years ago

We have been using Sell.Do at our company for some time now and we are completely satisfied with it. Everything from managing leads to nurturing customers is all set up in the CRM itself. Makes life a lot easier!

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Sell.Do - user-circle-solid  Sayali posted over 3 years ago

I’ve heard about Sell.Do from different people in the industry. These features sound good, but I would like to experience it myself. How can I do that?

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Thank you for showing interest in Sell.Do. You can schedule a free demo by getting in touch with us. Just head to the Contact Us page on our website. - over 3 years ago

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