Here’s Our 4-Min Guide To Profile Your Prospects Better

Sales   |   Updated on: 29 January 2024

One of the biggest contemporary challenges faced by Marketing & Sales departments this century is managing information. For every project, there are site offices, then there are salespersons manning these offices. Each sales guy has his own set of leads. Each lead has his/her specific set of expectations. Expectations are varied and studying this variance in isolation becomes a headache for everyone.

This is why the Know-Your-Customer or KYC protocol needs to start becoming the focal point of lead management for all businesses. And Profiling plays a key role here.


If I have profiled Mr A as the CEO of XYZ Associates, a squash player and a budding writer, I could target him accordingly. This could aid me in closing the deal and ensure high customer satisfaction. Not only that, even my Marketing team would be able to analyse the data better and thus tailor their campaigns accordingly.

Here's my pick of the 4-step checklist that will help you with better Lead Profiling in under 5 mins-

  • Basic Details

    The customer’s name, email id, phone number, preferences, requirements, budget… These are the kind of details the customer immediately hands over to you. Make a note of these details accurately.

  • Alternate Co-ordinates

    Make this a thumb rule. Always ask for more than one contact credentials. Why you may wonder? It is because Mr A may always move companies and if you have his official details… chances are you’ve lost him. So don’t shy away from capturing his personal number and personal id. He’ll appreciate it in the long run.

  • Professional Background

    Every salesperson wants to know the work profile of his lead, but how deep do we really delved into it? We barely ask him the name of his company, his designation and that’s that. Instead, quiz him about his Industry. Ask his opinion about the future of his market, his biggest professional challenges. This will definitely improve your lead qualification ratio.

  • Personal Life

    This is the most ignored aspect of the sales process. How many times do you actually take the effort of knowing the person you’re speaking with? His likes and dislikes? Hobbies? We feel, “Aah, but how do I”? The keyword here is “confidence” and “care”. Most sales activities these days are like “transactions”. Both parties are well aware of this, but if you take an interest in someone’s life, you will be amazed at how you will succeed, professionally and personally.

With this 4 min guide, see your results improve in no time. You can make data, your indispensable ally and use it to tame market expectations, competitors and other factors that challenge you. When executed rightly by the Sales & Marketing team, our guide leads to better prospects, more opportunities and higher closures.

You will stand out. Try it!

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