How Cloud Telephony Impacts Your Business In 4 Simple Ways

CRM   |   Updated on: 19 January 2024

The greatest boon of human civilization is communication. It is this what makes us emote and express ourselves in the best possible way. With the passage of time, communication has evolved to such an extent that it is mind boggling to see the constant advances that we make and how successful we become, as a result.

Sales is a profession that is highly dependent on generating business. If there is someone who needs to be in the lead of adopting new means of closing deals, it is the salesperson.


Cloud telephony is slowly turning into a game changer for Salespersons and the Management alike. Here are 4 reasons why-

  1. Phones go digital

    If your Salesperson is working hard on the field, why isn't your telephony? As a business, there is no need to install expensive and conventional telephony systems like EPABX. With Cloud Telephony, all your phones are linked to the internet through Virtual Numbers, giving you greater control over your business calls.

    Now a broken underground cable will no longer disrupt your service processes.

  2. Efficiency improves significantly

    When Cloud telephony meets Lead management platforms like Sell.Do, it gives you fantastic features like-

    Not only do these features help you calculate the Return on your Marketing Investment, they also help you track closely, the performance of your Sales team.

  3. Cost is controllable

    Since you use Virtual Numbers to run your campaigns, Cloud Telephony presents data that helps you put things into perspective. You no longer need to stick to your cost commitment of say 40 phone lines. If the usage metrics throw up abominable statistics, you can immediately disconnect your line in less than 24 hours, with nothing much more than an email.

  4. Overhaul your business processes

    Cloud Telephony helps you set up complex models like Call Centres with relative ease. The Virtual Number can make Calls land on any number, be it a landline or a mobile. When combined with real estate CRM Sell.Do, Cloud Telephony also generates automated SMS & Email communications, that are as personalized as writing a letter. All this, without compromising on the call quality or cost.

The avenues of communicating with a customer have increased significantly in the past decade. And Cloud Telephony has been at the forefront of a revolution of sorts. Cloud Telephony comes built in with Sell.Do and helps you fulfill your business goals with relative ease. We would be glad to know more about you and suggest a customized solution to help your business reach its true potential.

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