How Effective Are Your Workflows?

CRM   |   Updated on: 06 September 2021

There is an Old Japanese proverb that says - "Fall seven times. Stand up eight".

It sounds inspiring and makes you want to renew your vigour to conquer the peaks you're scaling with your colleagues and employees. But let me be honest at the onset. Process improvement initiatives seldom get people excited. While the first thought is, "Yes, let’s do it", the follow-up falls through. Historical process improvement strategies are now redundant. You don't really need to hire a team of experts to tell you how to run your business. You can streamline your business yourself.

In Sell.Do, we use Automation to help you setup your processes or, as we call them -"Workflows". When you are executing your marketing campaigns, or even when you are not, it is necessary to take certain actions, either positive or negative to keep your business on track. Here's where Sell.Do can be a useful ally to you, automating critical processes and making your marketing and sales efforts more impactful.

This is how "Workflow Automation" makes your business effective:

Digital Recreation of your Hierarchies:
Every company works differently, with a variance in processes and protocols. Some companies have a CEO directly responsible in over-seeing company activities. With Sell.Do, you can completely customize and recreate the exact same hierarchy you are currently following in your company. This ensures that migrating to a system is relatively easier for your team and you.


Activity based Triggers:
The most important part of a sales executive's job is interaction within the team. Every team communicates in different ways - meetings, phones, email, chat, and so on. With Sell.Do, you can make the best use of everyone’s time by defining various benchmarks, which when breached, will activate automatic SMS & email communications to the lead, ensuring that there is no time lost internally while reaching out to the customers.


Lead Nurturing:
Leads give better ROI when properly managed by automation platforms like Sell.Do. Suppose an inquiry has been marked as a "hot" prospect by your Sales Manager. An email will automatically be shot across to the lead, with whatever communication you want. Be it a comparison chart plotted against your competitors, or a new limited period offer, the lead gets a flurry of activity targeted towards him, thus optimising your Lead to Closure ratios.


Set up your own Escalation Matrix:
With Sell.Do, you can establish a decision-making hierarchy for every project that will clearly define ownership of work. If a sales executive doesn't respond to an email in 4 hrs, an email & SMS will be sent to the supervisor to review the situation. There will be lesser calls missed and fewer follow-up defaults, as decisions get made more quickly.

In today's world, businesses grow at exponential rates, and micro-management needs to be replaced with hierarchical ownership. With no limit to the use cases, Sell.Do's workflow can be an indispensible asset to help you market smarter and sell faster. 

Feel free to get in touch for some more insights on how we can help you optimize your workflows better!

Credits: Ankeet Shah

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